Outdoor and Wildlife Product Reviews

As an outdoors type of family we often buy new things for our adventures, or sometimes we are lucky enough to be offered them in exchange for a review. This page is dedicated to all our outdoor and wildlife related products reviews through the years.

Outdoor and Wildlife Product Reviews

The reviews are sectioned out into similar categories rather than all mixed up for convenience (newest reviews at the end). Reviews are usually only published once a week on a Saturday.

I'f you've come here as a company/PR looking for us to review anything please visit: Contact page .

Wildlife/Nature Books Reviews

Britain’s Butterflies - Wildguides
Britain’s Dragonflies - Wildguides
Britain’s Sea Mammals - Wildguides (Fatphotographer)
Britain's Birds - Wildguides
Britain's hoverflies - Wildguides (Fatphotographer)
Britain's Freshwater fishes - Wildguides (Fatphotographer)
The Crossley ID Guide Raptors (Fatphotographer)
The Crossley ID Guide Britain & Ireland
Pocket Guide to Wild Flowers
The Wildlife Pond Handbook

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Contact me

If you would like me and/or my family to review any of your products then please get in touch Full details on the contact page or email ashley.beolens@viewsfromanurbanlake.co.uk I am always happy to carry out reviews.

But please note they will always be honest and true to how I feel, if you submit a product for review and do not like what I say you do of course have the right to redress, just let me know.

I hope you enjoy these reviews.


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