Map of the Patch

Map of the Patch
Map of the Patch

This blog has now been brought to you from two patches. The old patch at Lodge Lake; and the current patch of the Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve. Below are maps of the two sites. They are fully zoomable (and viewable as a satellite image), and the points of interest can be clicked on for more detail (and a photo where I have one):

Current Map of the Patch

From Haversham Viaduct to Stony Stratford Nature reserve and encompassing The Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve, the patch now runs along the Ouse valley park. Points of interest have been included so please take a look around:

You can read more about the patch in detail over on the Introducing the Patch pages. Where there is much more information about every area that I walk on a regular basis. I’d advise checking it out to really get a feel of what the current patch is like.

Map of the Patch – Old Patch

The Old patch was a rather long, thin affair. Covering the area of Lodge Lake (Great Holm) along the Loughton Valley; past Bradwell Abbey and down to Bancroft Park floodplain. Following a small brook that itself runs through huge portions of Milton Keynes.

A map of the old patch, with locations of interesting areas (these include good wildlife spots as well as large puddles and blog specific points of interest), updated with 2014 extension (from railway north):

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