Milton Keynes Walks

Milton Keynes Walks - frosty view over the Ouse Valley in Old Wolverton
Milton Keynes Walks

Milton Keynes Walks

I spend lots of time on Milton Keynes Walks, while I walk all over the country, where possible, quite a few walks I take are in my home town of Milton Keynes. as one might expect. These rambles are anything from short strolls around my local nature reserve to longer hikes and treks at various other locations around the town,.

I thought with all this Milton Keynes walking, I would gather links and details to them all here, a single stop place as it were to find lots of Milton Keynes walks (not each time I walk an area but each time I write or post about a one of my Milton Keynes Walks it will be linked from here).

The table below will offer those links as well as a brief detail of where each walk is and will also have a link to the ViewRanger downloads, to make following them easier for you if you so choose – ViewRanger is a free app that you can use to follow, or map, walks.

Dispelling Ideas

Sunset on the Grand Union Canal as it Runs through Milton Keynes
Sunset on the Grand Union Canal as it Runs through Milton Keynes

With this page I hope to dispel the idea that Milton Keynes is only about Round About’s (yes we have lots in MK) and Concrete Cows (yes they are real). It is just as much about open spaces; art; and architecture. And is a great place for hiking. Many of the walks will also focus on the wildlife you can see along the route.

This page will grow overtime, and hopefully become a useful resource for anyone walking in and around the town; or looking for Milton Keynes walks of various types.

When I put up a ViewRanger walk I try and include parking locations if there are any. I also try and add bus details, but they are frequently changing, so I’m not sure I can keep them accurate sorry.

Milton Keynes Walks Links

Milton Keynes WalksRough AreaDifficultyMilesParkingPublic transportViewRanger
Three Lakes MKGreat Holm to Furzton circularEasy7.28YYesLink
NW MK Circular WalkStony Stratford to Hazeley Wood circular (via Wattling street)Medium10.8YYesLink
Grand Union Canal Fenny to Old WolvertonMilton Keynes Grand Union Canal Fenny Stratford to Old WolvertonEasy11.8NYesLink
Floodplain Forest to Linford Lakes CircularOuse valley and surrounding area in MKMedium9.96YYesLink
Floodplain Forest Nature ReserveFloodplain forest nature reserve in Old Wolverton, Milton KeynesV.Easy2.49YYesLink
Campbell Park to Willen Lake CircularCampbell Park and Willen LakeV. Easy5.95YYesLink
Milton Keynes Parks Trust 25 Mile Challenge WalkHowe Park Wood to Caldecotte LakeEasy25YYesLink
Old Wolverton To Stonepit Fields CircularOld Wolverton to Stonepit Fields and back along canalEasy6.67YYesLink
Butterfly and Dragonfly WalkGrange Farm to Howe Park Wood via Oakhill wood and Tattenhoe ParkEasy6.04NYesLink
Buckingham to Milton KeynesBuckingham to Milton Keynes (Stony stratford or Old Wolverton) along Ouse Valley WayHard11.36NYesLink
Milton Keynes to Stoke BruerneWolverton Mill to Stoke Bruerne along the Grand Union CanalEasy7.69YYesLink
River Ouse in Milton Keynes
River Ouse in Milton Keynes

Thank You

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Milton Keynes Walks - a collection of great walks in and around Milton Keynes, with maps.
Milton Keynes Walks – Pin Me
Milton Keynes Walks - A collection of hikes & walks in and around Milton Keynes
Milton Keynes Walks

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