Fascinating Birds – Review

Fascinating Birds - Review
Fascinating Birds – Review
Fascinating Birds by Markus Varesvuo | 160 Pages | New Holland | Hardback | 2012 | ISBN: 978-1-78009-178-5 |
When New Holland first sent me this book and it landed on my doormat I was a little unsure what it was actually all about, but after I had read the blurb on the dustsheet it became fully clear that this book is a coffee table book designed to showcase Master Photographer Markus Varesvou’s amazing photographic works, and if it is nothing more than that then it is still a wonderful use of a book.

Fascinating Birds – Review

On my first flick through the book I was amazed at the quality of the photographs that Markus Varesvou takes, these are not just your close up stunning bird portraits, but are also some amazing images showing the bird in its habitat or beautifully back lit on a pond etc. there are some simply stunning and awe inspiring bird photographs placed throughout the book, in fact I would go so far as to say that ALL the images are brilliant, Markus truely is an excellent photographer.

Further Thoughts

To give you a brief overview of the book it is a travel through the bird families of Europe with Markus Varesvou selecting his 100 favourite bird species, each one has a brilliant photo or two (there are around 150 amazing photos), and as a coffee table book it is worth buying for these images alone, however that is not all you get, each species is accompanied by a small snippet of text, but for me it is here that the book falls down.

The Words

I should elaborate on the above as I don’t like to throw accusations or critisize others works really, to me the accompanying writing in the book seems disjointed, there are facts thrown in to some paragraphs but not others photographic tips on some but not all and nothing seems to flow. Now I don’t know if English is Markus first language (He hails from Finland so I assume Finnish is) but I’d almost have preferred the book without the writing. Maybe I am being harsh and you should judge for yourself.


The stunning images should make you want to check out this book alone, the only down side I saw would be the writing which seemed superfluous to me, as this would have been a wonderful showcase for Markus Varesvou’s photography without them. It still is a wonderful showcase and I’d strongly advise taking a look for yourself.
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DISCLAIMER: I was provided with a review copy of this book by New Holland. However the views above are my own and I was free to write as I pleased.
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