7 Day Shop Messenger Camera Bag – review

7 Day Shop Messenger Camera Bag - review
7 Day Shop Messenger Camera Bag – review

I have been after a low cost alternative to my main rucksack style camera bags (they are both great bags but a little bulky for summer wanderings, you can read the reviews for each here: Vertex 300 and Classified Sling AW220) and I have wanted a retro looking messenger type bag, something I can sling over my shoulder and only carry my camera bins and a lens or two in. I’d looked at some cheap Hong Kong/Chinese knock off types on eBay when I came across the 7 Day Shop one, at a little over £30 including delivery I thought it would fit the bill well.

7 Day Shop Messenger Camera Bag Specifications

  • Measures H30 x W33 x D20cm It weighs in at 1.1 Kilos.
  • Made of a olive/brown canvas which according to amazon “helps to make it not so obvious of the value of the items inside”.
  • There are Plenty of adjustable and padded dividers provided (Dividers are fixed and adjusted as needed by Velcro) and a removable inner lining (one reason I bought this bag).
  • There is also a Built in rain cover (I’ve not used this yet), 4cm wide adjustable length shoulder strap with padded centreand a Handle on top of case for fast pick-up.
  • 2 x adjustable tripod straps underneath case (these are removable if not required). 4 pockets on case front of case for accessories, mobile phone, keys etc. and Slim document pocket (zip) on back of case for tickets, passport, wallet etc.

7 Day Shop Messenger Camera Bag Review

7 Day Shop Messenger Camera Bag Open
7 Day Shop Messenger Camera Bag Open

Firstly let me just say that it looks great, I love the old style feel of the bag, you can really feel like you are on of the old guard documentary photographers with this bag. The bright orange interior is shocking but otherwise everything is muted, personally I love the brass fittings as well, they feel tough and hard wearing. But let’s be honest the looks of a camera bag are secondary.

Carrying Comfort

The Reason I wanted this bag was due to my back issues (still no definitive diagnosis), carrying a large rucksack puts a lot of weight through my back, where as with this style of bag the weight is not as evenly distributed but is more through my shoulders, and I can alleviate some of the strain by switching sides when needed (I hope that is clear). The padded strap is comfortable, although does slip off my shoulder if I am wearing certain cloths (the smooth material of my inner feather jacket some form of grip might have helped here.So far I have used it with the tripod attached to the bottom just once (my tripod is a little weighty) and I must say it was a little annoying trying to get it in and out of the straps, a smaller tripod or monopod may be better suited to carry.

I have managed to walk my entire patch without struggling too much with pain brought on by the heavy gear I was carrying (not something I managed with either of my other bags). I’m not sure what this is down to if I am honest. But it helps that it is easier to move around and alter carrying position as well as take off when I am looking at photo ops.


So far I have managed to fit quite a bit of kit in this bag. At one time I had my camera (Canon 20D); my macro lens (Canon 100mm f/2.8); telephoto lens (Canon 400mm f/5.6); Flash unit (Canon 430); Binoculars (Swarovski 10x40s); tripod; and a small drinks bottle. As well as a notebook, spare batteries, and memory cards. Oh and some painkillers.

Not bad, although it did weigh a fair bit then.


I’d highly recommend this bag if you are after a small walk around messenger type bag. You won’t find one better for the money in my opinion.

It looks great and feels comfortable on your shoulder. The strap can be extended to fit quite tall people (I’m only 5 ’11 and don’t need the full strap); or quite short as it reduces to quite small. Plus you can fit in loads in, and it feels secure in there. You can pick one up for £21.99 at the moment (April 2018) over at 7 Dayshop.


I have been using this bag on and off for several years now; usually in the summer months when I travel lighter (no long lens etc.). And it is still going strong. The only issue it has picked up is that the strap squeaks! Something strange has happened with the strap and metal connection where with every bounce you get a nasty squeaking sound, drives me nuts at times. Can anyone offer advice on how to stop it?

Anyway, this bag has outlasted all my others (see the reviews page for the others). Cost less, and still looks good. I can even attach my ever growing badge collection to it! Oh and it now comes with a rain cover.

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