Dunlop Wellies – Review

Dunlop Wellies – Review
Dunlop Wellies – Review

I’ve mentioned my new wellies before – Not a day for the birds but after a little while of owning them I thought you might like a review (it’s quiet at the moment so why not, hey).

Dunlop Wellies – Review

I have a little confession to make, I first selected these boots to try on as they were the only pair in my size in the shop. Normally I must admit I would have bought a really cheap pair and some thick wellie socks. However once I put them on I was sold. The faux fur lining makes them fit like a glove adds extra warmth (no need for thick socks). The drawstring at the top allows you to tighten the boot to stop water getting in down your trouser leg. And they are really comfortable.

So far, in the field so to speak (I really mean in the huge puddles or floods that the UK seems to be at the moment), they have proven to be really warm when it has been cold but not left me with sweaty feet. I assume the lining helps wick away the sweat? I have worn wellies in the past that after ten minutes have left my feet so cold I can’t feel my toes.
Dunlop Boot in action
Dunlop Boot in action



What has shocked me is how comfortable they really are. I can walk for miles in these boots without suffering sore feet. They are almost as comfortable as my walking boots (not quite but almost). This is great and I may wear them a bit in the summer. I can wade through the river and hopefully get some shots of insects on the wrong side of the channel.
So far I have found no downsides! and if I combine them with my other waterproof gear I’m all set for rainy weather – check out my other Outdoor and Nature Reviews page.
Would I recommend them at the price, hell yeah, cheap wellies are great but sometimes you get what you pay for, and in this case you really do.Similar boots are available at Go Outdoors for £31.50 (Winter 2017).



Still going strong in 2016, these boots saw me wading through the floods of early 2016 without getting too wet (although thigh waders might have been more use the waters were so deep!), as you can read here: A Game of Two Halves


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