Hi-Tec Altitude VI i Waterproof Men’s Walking Boot – Review

Hi-Tec Altitude VI i Waterproof Men's Walking Boot - Review
Hi-Tec Altitude VI i Waterproof Men’s Walking Boot – Review

There is little more important to someone walking long distances than their feet, as any hikers know you need to look after them, support them and give them the best chance to stay warm, dry and pain free as possible, and it goes, almost without saying, that the most important thing for your feet is your shoes. Yes I’m here to review shoes again, this time though it is boots.

Hi-Tec Altitude VI i Waterproof Men’s Walking Boot – Review

When I was contacted and offered the chance to review a new pair of walking boots by Hi-Tec, I knew I had to take the opportunity, my old pair was over 10 years old, and really not that comfortable (walking 25 miles in them earlier in the year left me in real discomfort).

As always let’s start off with the specifications of the Hi-Tec Altitude VI i boots (more technical information can be found on the link).

  • Durable leather upper for long lasting durability
  • i-shield hydrophobic technology creates an additional layer to repel water
  • Dri-Tec waterproof membrane
  • Rustproof metal hardware holds up all year-round
  • OrhtoLite® insole delivers superior cushioning with instant and long lasting comfort
  • Moulded impact absorbing midsole, ensures long lasting cushioning and comfort
  • Multi-Directional Traction (MDT) rugged rubber outsole is great for all terrains
  • Technologies: Dri-Tec, i-shield, MDT, OrthoLite®

First Impressions of the Hi-Tec Altitude VI i

When the box arrived I opened it, excited to see the boots, and was really happy with the look, I know I am no fashion expert, but they do look nice in this guy’s opinion. And more to the point they look solid and well made.

Now I prefer a leather boot, they are easier to clean and far less likely to leak, well in my experience anyway, so the full leather Hi-Tec boot was a big plus to me.

Being used to shoes over boots I was a little taken back by the weight of the boot, these are NOT light weight, but popping them on for the first time the fit was comfortably, and the leather seemed soft enough that they would be easily broken in.

Another plus to me was the width that the boots offer, there is plenty of space for the feet to “breath” in, and one thing I have is wide feet (and hot feet as well).

Stilish (see what I did there?) - Hi-Tec Altitude VI i boots on a stile
Stilish (see what I did there?)


In Field Testing

The real test with any boot though is how they actually hold up in the field,. Something can look great, but if it offers no support, then what is the point. Well on the first wearing I didn’t travel far, a couple of miles walking to pick the little one up from school, and they felt OK. I’m not sure what I had done lacing wise, but they did seem a little off around the ankles, this was not however to do with the boots, as on subsequent occasions they have been fine.

A few short walks later, and I had felt no pains from the boots at all so guessed that the breaking in was much quicker than I thought.

Long Walks

My first long walk in the Hit-Tec Altitude Vi i boots was a near 12 mile, cross country hike from Buckingham to Milton Keynes; the terrain, was uneven and often muddy and the boots held up really well. There was no ankle pain (something my old boots always gave me, including major swelling at times), no blisters, and no toe pain (something I am suffering with lately).

Hi-Tec Altitude VI i Waterproof Men's Walking Boot
Hi-Tec Altitude VI i Waterproof Men’s Walking Boot


The supportive insoles offer real foot-round support, from the edge of the heels to the foot arches. Meaning that over distance that dull ache that you can get in those areas is minimised. Plenty of width around the toes means that there is less likelihood of pressure around the toenail, reducing risk of pain here as well; high ankle support minimises risk of ankle damage, in fact the boot seems designed to prevent issues with feet.

So far the waterproof element has been great. Although I have not walked much in the rain yet (I know with the British weather that seems unlikely, but true). However walking through wet grass, and the odd muddy puddle has not caused any issues. Time, and my ability to care for the shoe, will tell on this one. And I will, of course, update at a later stage.

Conclusion on the Hi-Tec Altitude VI i Waterproof Men’s Walking Boot

For me these seem to be the perfect boot. Heavy enough to feel substantial, but not so much that they drag me down; incredibly comfortable and designed to alleviate many of the pains that us walkers go through with our feet. And they look good to boot.

I’d always advise trying them on though of course as what suits me, may not always suit others. Currently (October 2017) costing £74.99 on the Hi-Tec Website the Hit-Tec Altitude VI i Waterproof Man’s Walking Boot seems very reasonably priced.

UPDATE – April 2018

The Hi-Tec Altitude VI i Waterproof Men’s Walking Boots are still going strong. They are still, currently, my go to boot. Comfortable, easy to clean (the joys of leather), and totally weather proof. I’ve now worn them in all conditions. With summer coming up I imagine they will take a bit of a back seat for lighter, cooler, shoes. But as of today I still wear them regularly.

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I was gifted the boots in order to perform this review. But the words and thoughts are my own, and I was free to write what I saw fit. Some links on this site are affiliate links, used as a way of supporting the running costs.

Hi-Tec Altitude VI i Waterproof Mens walking boots given real world review by a knowledgeable walker.
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    • AshleyBeolens

      I'm hoping they will be a solid pair for a few years at least, but only time will tell, they are certainly comfortable, nice and wide at the toes and seem to be made of sturdy stuff.

  • Alan Blyth

    I too like these Hi Tec boots because they are a lovely fit from the word go, light and comfortable. Doing lots of walking I go through a pair every year and have found that they are not quite as good today ( the i version) as the older Altitude VI WP version which I still have. They are a good buy despite this fact and (surely you have noticed) every incarnation of this boot only stays waterproof for about four long hikes. (3-4 days long say) – I still like and buy them as I haven’t found anything better.
    Plus – they are good value.

    • Ashley Beolens

      My boots are still going strong and it is only recently that they have let in minimal water (but they need a good clean). I’ve found throwing them in the shower cleans the insides as well as the out and helps the gortex layer stay working (any blockages on this layer prevents them staying waterproof).

      • Fabricio Jaen


        Thanks for taking the time to review these boots so thoroughly.

        I was reading this review from Costa Rica and it was tremendously helpful for a long hike I went on.

        Also, love the boots.

  • Anonymous

    Best walking boots I had were hi tec with the Event lining . Stayed totally waterproof for 14 years with minimal cleaning.newer boots without this lining have lasted about a year ,but now let wet even after waxing ! .go back to using Event !

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