Mental Health and the Great Outdoors Guest Bloggers Required

Mental Health and the Great Outdoors Guest Bloggers Required - Konik Ponies
Mental Health and the Great Outdoors Guest Bloggers Required

Guest Bloggers Required!

I’m looking to run a series of guest posts (current plan is one a month) on my Blog (, starting in Jan 2018. The idea is the writer talks about how time spent in the great outdoors and/or amongst nature have helped their own mental health.

Guest Bloggers Required

This can be anything from battling addiction, to fighting depression, or aiding anxiety issues etc. no mental health issue will be ignored. They are all important and not talked about enough.

The hope is that these posts will raise awareness for sufferers that: a) they are not alone; and b) that often engaging with nature and the great outdoors is a great way to help improve “wellness”. From my own personal experiences I know this to be true to me, and am sure it is for many others.

I can’t offer payment sadly, but links back to your own blogs/social media will be included. Along with the knowledge that your experiences might help someone else.


This is NOT an invite for SEO experts to try and sell me their “unique content” or “expertly written” posts in my “niche”. I’m not in the habit of pimping myself out (well except for lots of money or review items I want lol) so am not really interested. Your emails WILL just be deleted. Posts will only be accepted from genuine people. I will only be publishing them if I believe the person writing is being real.


For genuinely interested people; bloggers; nature and outdoors lovers; please contact me with your idea in the first instance at :

Thank you for reading this, and I look forward to hearing from some of you.


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