Walking for CALM 2018

Walking for CALM 2018
Walking for CALM 2018

After the success of 2017 walking, I have decided to do it again in 2018. But there are a few changes this time around. Please read on for the changes.

Walking for CALM 2018

Firstly I am changing the charity I am raising funds for, although the amount stays the say (£500). This year I have decided to raise money for the excellent CALM – Campaign Against Living Miserably – charity.

A charity aiming to help reduce male suicide, the biggest single killer for men under the age of 45 (in 2015 75% of all suicides were men).

My reasoning’s are for very personal reasons: My own mental health!

You can donate at my Just Giving Page – Ashley Beolens CALM.

Please visit the Campaign Against Living Miserably website for more information on the work they do.

Walking for CALM 2018
Walking for CALM 2018


What Your Donations can Do

£7 can pay for one call that could save a life.
£23 pays for someone to take calls for an hour.
£80 pays for our website for a day.
£160 keeps one phone line open from 5pm to midnight for an evening.

Other Changes

It is not just the charity that has changed though. This year my mileage total is less at only 1500 miles, but this will only be walks of more than a mile, so a 5 min walk to the shops won’t count. Nor will walking around them, or general walking about. While walking to work will.

There are a couple of reasons for this change. Firstly I wanted only specific walking to count, and secondly we have a puppy joining the family shortly and he won’t be able to walk long distances for a while.

Please help me spread the word about my Walking for CALM 2018. The more people who know the more likely I am to reach my desired fundraising goal. So please share via the links below.

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  • Sarah Skilton

    What a great cause. I admire you. I have shared and will donate too. I love that you are pushing the challenge that bit further with walks over a mile. I have signed up to the walk 1000 mile challenge, but that is including every step I take this year. Good Luck. x

    • Ashley Beolens

      Thank you. I did every step last year and made 2500 miles (walking to and from work 4+ miles each way really helps) but can’t do as much at teh start of the year this year, so had to change things up.

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