Dusk Until Dawn by Martin Bradley – Review

Dusk Until Dawn by Martin Bradley - Review
Dusk Until Dawn by Martin Bradley – Review
Dusk Until Dawn by Martin Bradley | Paperback | 2014 | ISBN: 9780954879134 | 
Hopefully you will have read yesterday’s review of Top Gun of the Sky and have come to see our thoughts (my own and Bo) on the second book in the series (I hope it will be a series) Dusk Until Dawn. If not pop over and have a read, as I would hate for the full impression of these two books to be missed. Anyway onto the review.


Dusk Until Dawn by Martin Bradley – Review


Where the previous book was about Peregrine Falcons this book is about Barn Owls, again it follows a child friendly poem, and is full of excellent illustrations but there is much more to this book as well. Alongside the poem there are facts aimed at the adult readers sharing with their children and a fun (if sometimes frustrating) hunt for Volee (a vole drawing hidden on each double page), again this is all followed by a guide to drawing (or illustrating) an owl aimed at the kids (I say kids while taking notes on Bo’s thoughts she made me draw the owl).


Bo’s Thoughts


As with the last review these are direct quotes from my baby girl – “I like finding the mouse” (yeah I had to correct her here) “I like the story” (again I told her it was a poem, see it’s all about education) “I like how it tells you information” “I like the detailed picture, you can get a really close look at an owls head”


My Thoughts


I think this is an excellent kids book, the finding game is fun, the poem excellent and the interesting facts really give any adult reading it to their kids something extra to talk about. I love the idea of these books as well (I mentioned it in the previous review I think) so many “animal” books aimed at kids are character based which makes them fun but unrealistic, whereas this is telling you about owls (or Peregrines) and how they really live. The illustrations in this book are fantastic as well, there is (as Bo rightly says) so much detail it keeps you wanting to look at the book.




I think this is a great book you young children (I’d say around 3-5 year olds) and is a wonderful first step into the realms of wildlife, the more parents buy these books for their kids the better our world will become (I think wildlife love should be encouraged over pretty much anything in young kids, but I may be biased). Not only is it fun, interesting and a great teaching aid but also money from the sale goes to buy Barn Owl nest boxes, so you should need no more reason to buy than that!

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DISCLAIMER: I was provided with a free copy of this book for review purposes, but the words and thoughts are my own, I was free to write what I wished.

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