Berghaus Torridon Reversible Jacket – Review

Berghaus Torridon Reversible Jacket - Review
Berghaus Torridon Reversible Jacket – Review


I’m sure many of you here, reading this, will have read my previous review of my Berghaus coat (it is by far my biggest “hit” on google), well recently I was contacted by the great people at to offer me the opportunity to review another, this time the Berghaus Torridon reversible down jacket. If you’ve read my older review you’ll know I liked that coat so I’d have been a fool to say no.

Berghaus Torridon Reversible Jacket Specs


Lifted off the Berghaus pages of Blacks website (sorry) these are the technical specs for the jacket in question, I’m sure some of you will find these useful:


  • Wind and water resistance thanks to the lightweight AFTM face fabric on both sides
  • Stay warmer for longer with Berghaus’ innovative body mapped 600 fill duck Hydrodown® and synthetic HydroloftTM insulation
  • Down & Hydroloft
  • Quick access to your essentials with two zipped hand-warmer pockets on one side and one zipped chest pocket on the other
  • Stretch binding at the cuffs and hem deliver for added comfort
  • Stuffs into the zipped chest pocket for easy storage when not in use (really useful)

Berghaus Torridon Reversible Jacket review


The real reason you are here is to hear my thoughts though (you can leave me adulation in the comments below if you like, you know reaffirm how important my words are!), so let’s get on with it.
Firstly I have to say when the, neatly wrapped, parcel arrived my first thoughts were, this is a bit light, I hope I haven’t been sent a kids coat (no seriously I did), opening it I was shocked, the coat is incredibly light, 423 grams, I’m used to heavy rain coats or massive winter coats, this thing feels lighter than most hoodies I own.
Trying it on for the first time (inside of course) I was impressed with both the fit, and the look, while I don’t look like the trendy, hipster model on the blacks page (You can buy the coat in the Blacks Men’s coats section), although we do both have beards, I think the coat looks pretty good on my podgy middle age body!
Me in my new Berghaus Torridon Reversible Jacket (not the most flattering pic!)
Me in my new Berghaus Torridon Reversible Jacket (not the most flattering pic!)



But what use is a nice looking coat inside? The real test always comes when you wear it outside. Who wants a stylish coat that doesn’t keep you warm?


Practical Use – Bring on The Cold


While I’d love to say my first test was taking part in the 3 peaks challenge or while out staking some exotic rarity that had turned up on the patch, the sad truth is that my first wearing in public was on the school run, it was however on a chilly autumnal morning when I took my little girl off to the bus stop, and while the biting northerly winds chilled my, un-gloved, fingers to the bone, my body remained warm and toasty, in fact with a jumper on I was positively hot!


The next test was an early morning walk home from work, ditching the jumper I decided to risk just a t-shirt and my new Berghaus Torridon, and on that frosty morning I still stayed really warm. I’m not really sure how Berghaus have managed it but they seem to have created a light weight coat that really keeps you warm.

Berghaus Torridon Reversible Jacket - Review

What’s more on my walk home I was confronted by a short, light shower, and, like water off a ducks back the rain simply bounced off the jacket, presumably the special coating in action? I’m not going to say this will keep you dry in heavy rain, as well I simply haven’t tested that, but for light showers you’ll be warm and dry.

Stylish Benefits

Now as I’m sure you will all agree I must be some kind of style icon with all these clothing reviews I’ve done of late (you can read the full suit on my reviews page, and that is true (you will see Old Guy Rules t-shirts and regatta trousers on the catwalks of Paris soon) so when I say I like the style of this jacket I’m sure you’ll flock to buy it. But one aspect I haven’t touched on (Imbibing the spirit of Gok Wan) is the multi looks you can have! Yes the amazing thing about this coat is that it is reversible. Two coats for the price of one. Subtle grey for those winter evenings or Stylish Black for nights on the tiles, you too can look equally at home in the mountains of Snowdonia as the trendy bars of New York (probably, Fashion really isn’t my game – it looks good to me is all I really know).

Other Features

Now what would you say if i told you that rather than hanging this coat from the straps of your rucksack or some how stuffing the thing inside, you can actually roll the whole thing up on itself and shove it into the chest pocket! Alright eagle eyed readers will have read that in the specs but it impressed me. It rolls up to a handy pillow shaped package as well, ideal for wild campers.
The Berghaus Torridon Jacket folds in on itself, and forms a handy pillow for hikers
The Berghaus Torridon Jacket folds in on itself, and forms a handy pillow for hikers



As with any review I can’t just gush I also have to say things I don’t like, if there are any, honesty is important to me. My only slight gripe, and it is very slight, is that the fabric is slippery. What do I mean, well if I try and put a rucksack on just one shoulder (like the cool kids do) well it ends up around my arm. Yes when I do the decent thing and offer to carry my daughters bag I have to wear it fully, and I have had a few strange looks, and weirdly compliment on it when I do!




If you are in the market for a really warm, light weight jacket designed for for getting out there into the wilds (but equally good looking if you plan on just sitting in the pub) then I’d suggest taking a look at the Berghaus men’s Torridon reversible down jacket it isn’t the cheapest but then again you pay for quality, and I have not owned, or even worn a jacket that is this light yet can keep the body warm.


I was provided the jacket by Blacks for the purposes of this review but the words and thoughts are my own, and I was free to write what I saw fit.

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