Old Guys Rule T-Shirt – Review

Old Guys Rule T-Shirt - Review
Old Guys Rule T-Shirt – Review

Now it isn’t often I’d review a single T-Shirt that has no special functionality, but I love Old Guys Rule stuff, so thought why not give them a free plug, and extol the virtues of what is essentially a top to keep my chubby bits covered up.

Old Guys Rule T-Shirt – Review

On a recent trip to Go Outdoors in Milton Keynes (I was in search of some new walking trousers, but didn’t find any I liked), I spotted this T-Shirt from Old Guys Rule and had to buy it, I love the design “Still Rambling On” and now I’m over forty I’m officially old (well according to my kids I am, although the barman in a pub I visited recently assured me I was too young for it).

Old Guys Rule T-Shirt
Old Guys Rule T-Shirt


T-Shirt Quality

As you can imagine being over forty I’ve worn the odd T-shirt in my life, some have been great quality others (way too cheap fro Primark – clearly not ethically sources there) have been awful, thin and misshapen from the first wearing. Old Guys Rule T-shirts are brilliant quality, the material is thick, and feels like it would hold its shape well (of course time will tell).

Old Guys Rule - Still Rambling On!
Old Guys Rule – Still Rambling On!


The fit (XL) is excellent on my portly belly, and I think I look pretty good in it, although after a few hours (who am I kidding, minutes) walking, the lack of “wicking” fabric does leave me a little damp, but then most t-shirts end up that way, the joys of being sweaty, overweight and over the hill.
They aren’t the cheapest of shirts (this one cost £18) but I have worn way more expensive T-Shirts through the years that haven’t felt half as good quality.

In Conclusion

Basically if you are looking for good quality, casual, rather than functional, t-shirts you could look at worse companies the Old Guys Rule.
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