Fossils Photographic Field Guide – Review

Fossils Photographic Field Guide - Review
Fossils Photographic Field Guide – Review

Fossils Photographic Field Guide by Chris and Helen Pellant |239 Pages | New Holland |Paper Back | 2013 | ISBN-978-1-78009-408-3


I’m a big believer that getting out in the fresh air is important. My first choice would always be a walk in a wild or semi wild place. Somewhere I have a chance of watching (or photographing) the birds or butterflies etc. Unfortunately teenagers don’t seem to agree with me (well my eldest son at least). When we visit “the grandparents” in Margate, however, he can be convinced to wander the rock pools. Or visit Herne Bay and search for fossils. So when I received Fossils Photographic Guide by Chris and Helen Pellant, for review, I was really pleased I had an excuse to get him out looking again.

Fossils Photographic Field Guide – Review

The book is split into 9 chapters (including the intro but not the very useful Glossary, further reading or index) covering; Fossil Plants, Corals and Sponges, Echinoderms, Brachiopods, Arthropods and Graptolites, Molluscs, Vertebrate Fossils and Trace Fossils. Each chapter has an explanatory piece so you know what they are going to be fossils of and the introduction is worth a read itself.


In Use


It is in use however that I have to be honest and say this book may be well above me. I have over the years found the odd Ammonite, when I scanned through the book I discovered 13 pages of different types, this nearly blew my mind. I thought there was one and it varied in sizes, how could I possibly use this book to work out what I was looking at.


Don’t get me wrong, there are page after page of photographs of different fossils. Each one with a short blurb about, and where they are often found. I just found myself looking at the book and not knowing where to start.




If you know what you are doing and what you are looking for then this book will help you in the field. If like me you are a total novice maybe something more aimed at beginners would suit. I do not wish to knock the book in anyway, I am sure it is perfect, it is just not something I can get my head around, well and not something that interests me enough to study more in depth (sorry). Please don’t let my review put you off.


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DISCLAIMER: I and my family were gifted a free copy of this book for review purposes. This review is our honest opinion of the product.
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