Brasher Traverser Men’s travelling shoes – review

Brasher Traverser Mens travelling shoes – review
Brasher Traverser Mens travelling shoes – review
While wandering around the British BirdFair, at Rutland water, earlier on this year (mid August), Zoe and I stumbled into the Country Innovations stand. It was a planned stumble I assure you. You see I have owned a pair of their waterproof trousers for some 10 years and they have only just started to let water in. These are trousers that I have literally sat in gorse while wearing and not felt a prick. And have kept me dry on the wettest of days, anyway I digress.
Needing a new pair of walking shoes (not boots I have some long standing high quality ones already) I was over the moon to see they had Brasher Traverser shoes on sale at the fair (I’m not sure what the price was as it was a birdfair discount, however now they are currently for sale for £75 on their website), and I convinced my dear lady to let me try them, actually she convinced me!


Brasher Traverser Mens travelling shoes – review


Let me start by saying what is so wonderful about these shoes. I have wide feet, it limits my foot wear choice (there are certain large footwear companies that make rather narrow soled shoes, and I just can’t wear them). The Brasher Traverser Mens travelling shoes are superbly wide. Wider than any shoe/boot I’ve worn. And for me that means my feet can relax, and this is without any of the other features.
I should point out these are NOT classed as walking shoes but Travel shoes. With that out of the way I’ll carry on with the review.


The Shoe


The shoe itself is made from a nubuck leather, so has a soft outer feel. The tongue and top of the heel have a memory foam liner, which makes for a very comfortable feel while out walking (or for general use, I often just wear them for normal every day wear). And the sole (an integrated EVA Midsole whatever that means) is nicely padded, which allows long periods on foot without suffering too much discomfort.
But it is the width for me that makes them so comfortable. There is no chance my feet are going to rub or feel constricted; and for me that makes a walk more pleasurable.




I’ll admit that these are not the cheapest of shoes, but then I don’t think you should compromise when it comes to foot wear for walking. Comfortable feet make for a much nicer walk.


In use


I’ve used these shoes in pretty much all weather (well not snow or ice yet) and they have not let in water; and have kept my feet warm. I must admit though that I turn to tougher boots for really wet weather (dry feet is more important than width at times). But these will be my autumn, spring and summer shoe. I should also say I wouldn’t use these if I were going up a mountain or really rough terrain. You really need more support and a snugger fitting shoe for walking those conditions, so maybe that is why they are classed as “Travel” shoes. That said if you walk distances over easy terrain then these are great.




As previously mentioned they are amazingly comfortable, and easily suitable for the majority of walks I do (mainly my patch if I’m honest). They have kept me dry and warm, and there has been no rubbing or sore feet yet even with some OK distances covered. Not the cheapest shoe available but there are far more expensive versions out there. And if, like me, you have wide feet these shoes will come as a very welcome addition to your footwear.


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  • Kate Fever

    Love the look of these – not only do they look smart, they look comfortable too. I love the soft nubuck. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  • Faisal Zahoor Ahmad

    I like this blog and i have read it and understand it. This shoes are so so best for travelling because it has a best quality that is these shoes is made from a nubuck leather. So I always on the look out for decent shoes to wear under shorts for walking. So it will comfortable for me and save my feet. 🙂

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