THE NORTH FACE Dryzzle Jacket – Review

THE NORTH FACE Dryzzle Jacket - Review
THE NORTH FACE Dryzzle Jacket – Review

It was that thin, almost mist like, rain that fell, the sort that gets you soaked to the bone without really feeling like it’s raining. Fortunately I was in my new The North Face Dryzzle Jacket, so the water just ran off my sleeves. Speckling the Gore-tex fabric around the logo.

THE NORTH FACE Dryzzle Jacket

My old waterproof coat, was starting to really leak, when I was contacted to review one of The North Face waterproof jackets, from Millets. Perfect timing for once, so of course I jumped at the opportunity. Of all the choices I wanted something light weight, breathable, and windproof.

So it was that I opted for the Dryzzle Jacket (currently £135 on Millets site). It matched my choices, and also, being the black option, meant I wouldn’t obviously stand out to the local wildlife.

North Face Dryzzle Jacket Features

  • High performance GORE-TEX® waterproof jacket from The North Face.
  • Stay dry thanks to the lightweight, fully weatherproof GORE-TEX® Paclite fabric membrane system.
  • Sealed seams throughout for additional wet weather protection.
  • Full attached, adjustable hood.
  • Full-zip front closure.
  • Stormflap with snap button closure.
  • 2 zipped hand pockets.
  • 1 zipped chest pocket.
  • Pit zip ventilation.
  • Velcro adjustable cuffs.
  • Drawcord hem.
  • Multi-media compatible.

THE NORTH FACE Dryzzle Jacket – review

For the first week or so I had no real use for the jacket (I still wore it). For once in the UK the rain was staying away, typical when you want to try something out really. But being the UK it was only a matter of time.

Waterproof Coat

My first experience of rain, was the opening paragraph, that fine, misty, drizzle. And the coat, as you would hope, stayed dry. The next was on a cold December day when freezing cold winds whipped large spots of rain at me, and again the coat worked wonders. Now I just need some waterproof trousers, as my legs were wet and freezing!

The North Face logo with beading water

Hoods. They are great at keeping your hair dry. but how often do they fall down, or more annoyingly flop over your eyes? Well on the North Face Dryzzle jacket, this isn’t an issue. It has a stiff(ish) peak, and is fully adjustable. and I don’t mean just to hug the sides of you face. At the rear there is a toggle that allows you to alter how it sits on your head as well, I’m not explaining it too well, but it really works to keep things sitting as you would want. Oh and of course it keeps your hair dry.


I think this coat looks great. Being the black version, means I look just as well placed walking the high street as I do the hills. The logos for The North Face are reflective, for a bit of added safety. Actually that probably isn’t true, they are reflective but don’t count of them to keep you safe, it isn’t their job, get something reflective or a light if you are walking in the dark.

The three large pockets are great, the zipped hand pockets are large enough to hold my gloves, hat and Buff. with room for a few chocolate bars, and, the other day, a pack of tortilla wraps (I forgot a bag). The zipped chest pocket easily holds my notebook, when I am out in the field. And I would imagine would hold an O/S map with ease too.

Me in the North Face Dryzzle Jacket
Me in the North Face Dryzzle Jacket looking uncomfortable in front of the camera


I love, and I do mean love, the pit zip ventilation. when I start to overheat on a walk, a quick unzipping under my arms, and the airflow increases enough to help me cool down. I’ve always struggled, with waterproofs, to balance the heat. I may be dry from the rain but I start to get wet from the sweat (sorry). So far I am much better able to control my temperature with the Dryzzle Jacket.

It isn’t perfect, but then nothing is, for control, really. Take it from a sweaty chap.


One important aspect of this jacket to take in is that, because it is not lined, it is not warm. The wind proofing is great, so you won’t feel cold with a wind blowing a gale at you, but if the temperature is low, then this coat is not going to keep you warm by itself. Personally this doesn’t affect me much, I’m a hot person anyway. But I would highly recommend a warm jumper, fleece or under coat. Hey the Berghaus Torridon I won, fits very snuggly underneath.

Gore-tex logo
Gore-tex logo

Down sides

OK, so it can’t all be good.

Well actually I’ve not found any faults yet. Except one: WHAT THE HELL DOES MULTI-MEDIA COMPATIBLE MEAN?? No seriously I asked the North Face on twitter, their response:

Well, I’ve searched and can’t fine one. So if this is a downside, then don’t buy the coat! I am of course joking. It makes no difference to my life having a hole for my earbuds.


This is a great coat. It keeps you dry. Keeps the wind off. Looks great. And best of all allows some control of your body heat. Personally if I didn’t own one, I’d go buy one. It is not the cheapest jacket out there, but it is far from expensive. And sometimes you can’t put a price on quality.

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DISCLAIMER: I was gifted this jacket in exchange for the review, but the words and thoughts are my own, and I was free to write what I wished.

the North Face Dryzzle jacket - an in the field review by Views From an Urban Lake.
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  • Alice

    Excellent, I’ve just bought myself a Dryzzle,but before it’s arrived I’ve searched high and low online to find out what on earth media compatible actually meant, and you’ve just solved the mystery, thanks! Alice

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