Regatta Luca II 3-in-1 Children’s Waterproof Jacket – Review

Regatta Luca II 3-in-1 Children's Waterproof Jacket - Review
Regatta Luca II 3-in-1 Children’s Waterproof Jacket – Review
When I was recently tasked with buying my little girl a new winter coat (she wanted me to go while she was at school and her mum was at home poorly) her only demand was she wanted it to be purple! Fortunately for me Go Outdoors had a couple of offerings in her chosen colour range. This included the Regatta Luca II 3-in-1 children’s water proof jacket.
Not only was it available in purple but the inner fleece it came with was pink (a winner on two counts with Bo). And as a 3-in-1 it meant she would have a number of options to wear throughout winter and into spring.
Well after a month or so of her wearing it here is our (mine and Bo’s) review of her Regatta Luca II 3-in-1 Children’s Waterproof Jacket.

Regatta Luca II 3-in-1 Children’s Waterproof Jacket – Review


As a make I’ve always been fond of Regatta over the years I have found them an excellent manufacturer of outdoor clothing so out of the few purple choices this coat was my number one pick, and this being a 3-in-1 coat (a water proof outer coat with a pink inner fleece) it was a good way to get longer term wear (as the days warm up over spring she will be able to wear either layer alone) and at a reasonable £34.99 (with the discount card) it wasn’t I felt too bad (had she only been able to wear it in winter when cold I’d have been a little reluctant to pay as much).

The Waterproof Outer Coat

As any of you UK readers will know it’s been quite wet recently and so Bo has had quite a bit of use out of the waterproof, and windproof, Hydrafort outer coat (up until recently it’s been mild so less wear of them as a pair), and it has been great at keeping the wet and wind off of her (especially when combined with her water proof trousers), with a built in (but packaway) hood she even managers to keep her curly locks dry (well if she puts it up!).

Inner Fleece

The bright pink inner fleece is great at keeping Bo warm, made with an anti-pill fabric and also having two nice warm pockets now the weather has turned cold Bo has not complained once with being cold while wearing the fleece (or more often now the combined coat and fleece).

Bo Thoughts

Bo in the coat.
Bo in the coat.

I like my new coat, it keeps me warm and dry, and I love the colours, pink and purple are my favourite colours. There is nothing I don’t like about it.



So far I have been impressed with the coat. But there has been one minor issue. The small piece of fabric on the inner sleeve made to make sure the inner fleece (it uses a small popper and loops through the elastic found on the inner coats outer sleeve) started to fray very early on one of the sleeves and as it is being worn by a 5 year old is now unusable as she has pulled it further so the popper is now off. I would have hoped this would not have occurred so quickly.



Well made (the above issue aside), the regatta Luca II 3-in-1 Children’s waterproof jacket, keeps Bo nice and dry, while also keeping her warm, the semi breathable nature has meant she has not over heated and the comfort is clear when out on a cold day. Ideal for active outdoor loving kids. Reasonably priced as a coat that can be worn throughout the year.

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  • London Mum

    I love the fact this coat can be used pretty much all year around except when we get those glorious heat waves! It saves having to buy a mixture of coats throughout the year. #triedtested

    • AshleyBeolens

      It was certainly a deciding factor (the fact the outer coat was a dark enough purple to not stand out while we go on our nature walks swung it for me but don't tell the little lady!)

    • AshleyBeolens

      It isn't the fleece itself, rather the hook on the outer coat that stops the inner fleece sleeve from slipping, I've never really used them when I wear 3-in-1's but made life a little easier for a 5 year old, not really a problem though.

    • AshleyBeolens

      It can be very tricky indeed, thankfully finding a good coat in the right colours wasn't too hard (I thought it would be trickier).

  • Kate Fever

    I am a big fan of Regatta and Go Outdoors – I can always find what I need there! I have a Regatta coat myself and it's so warm and perfect for winter. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    • AshleyBeolens

      I hate shopping in Go Outdoors, but only because I always want to spend a fortune 🙂 not much of a shopper, but I do enjoy that shop.

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