Snowy Dog Walk

Snowy Dog Walk - Labrador running in snow
Snowy Dog Walk

With the mini beast from the east coating the Ouse Valley with a layer of snow, there wasn’t much choice but to pop out this chilly Sunday for a Snowy Dog Walk. So that is exactly what Colin and I did.

Leaving the ladies of the house at home in the warmth, I threw on my lined trousers, North face Jacket, leather boots, hat, gloves and Buff; and headed off out into the cold, Colin by my side.

Snowy Dog Walk

The overnight snow had settled in the long grass of the Ouse Valley, but not deep enough to give deep piles of powdery white snow. Instead there was enough to make the ground cold, but longer strands of grass easily poked their way through.

Colin looking every inch the regal dog he is - Labrador in the snow
Colin looking every inch the regal dog he is. Dog companies he’s available to showcase your products

A Stiff wind was blowing from the East as Colin and I walked along side the murky brown waters of the Ouse. The strength enough to create waves up stream. It is an unusual sight to watch fast flowing water rush past while the wind blown waves move the other way.

Old Wolverton Church

As we walked, the wind carried the sound of the Sunday service at Holy Trinity church. The bell ringing filling the Ouse Valley with a sound synonymous with the English countryside, for me at least.

Looking to the South you could see the Norman looking building crowning the nearby hills. Hills that would be full of sledges and kids, had we had a few more inches of snow.

Old Wolverton Church in Light snow
Old Wolverton Church in Light snow

Nature Reserve

For a change we headed under the canal and I decided to take Colin as near to the nature reserve as we have been yet (not quite entering the floodplains). He loved the open field, which will soon be covered in wild flowers, dashing through piles of snow and icy puddles as we walked.

Colin looking like the Gun Dog he is (technically)
Colin looking like the Gun Dog he is (technically)

The reserve itself looked cold and unwelcoming as we walked up over the hills past the farm buildings. The sprinkling of snow making the icy waters look freezing, the bluish glow of the white sheet of clouds, adding to the chill.

A Cold view over the Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve
A Cold view over the Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve

When you have 1500 miles to walk in a year (boots on) then you need to get the miles in each day. If you’ve read my monthly updates, you’ll know I am a little behind. I can’t afford to rest on my laurels over a weekend. Taking the dog out is helping. Especially when I can have longer walks now. Today’s 2.5 miles goes some way to keeping me on track for the month.

Other Photos

Colin in the Snow
Colin in the Snow
Surrounded by Snow - Yellow Labrador (Colin the Dog)
Surrounded by Snow

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Snowy Dog Walk - A 2.5 mile walk through the Ouse Valley in the Snow, accompanied by Colin the Labrador.
Snowy Dog Walk – Pin Image
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