Traditions - Sunrise in my local area.

Traditions the direct dictionary quote would tell you it is:

The transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way.

Most of us know it as a thing we do on a regular basis, the same date each year etc. On of my own traditions through the years has always been to get outside somehow. As a Birdwatcher, the 1st is a great date to go birding as you can start a year list off fresh. As a family man, I love to go for a walk with the family and kids. Stretching our legs in a way we mean to go ahead in the coming year.

New Traditions

This year, it will likely be more of the same, I hope at least someone will join me for a walk on the 1st Jan (although sadly the new dog still won’t be allowed out so someone will have to stay at home).

North Kent
North Kent

This post? Well it is here to try and encourage you to take up a new tradition and get outside yourself this new years day. My advice would be a nice family walk. You have time to recover in the fresh air from any excesses from the previous night; as well as spend some quality time with your family. Walks always seem to inspire conversation in this household, and not always inspired by what we are seeing (impromptu games of Would you Rather often spring up).

Walk Ideas

To spark off some ideas of where to walk, here are a few ideas for you, or places to look.

Milton Keynes Walks – My own pages on local walks in Milton Keynes, if you are local than this might help find somewhere new to wander.

First Foot of 2018 – Berghaus are encouraging people to take a walk on new years day, and have some linked locations to try out.

Ordnance Survey – If you need a map (or digital app click the affiliate link) it’s always worth visiting these guys. You can even find walk guides.

ViewRanger – A great app for finding local walks.

Ramblers Association – If you can’t find somewhere to walk with these guys you may be in trouble.

Country Walking Magazine – Get yourself a subscription to this fab magazine (click the affiliate link) or just pop out and buy a copy, each month it is stuffed with great walks all over the country. And they run a yearly challenge #Walk1000Miles.

Your local council may have some walks on their websites, some local groups may also run walks, so you could meet new friends local to you. What better than a new tradition while making connections with new people?

Get Outside This Jan 1st start New Traditions now. - Misty Ouse Valley
Get Outside This Jan 1st start New Traditions now.

If you do start a New Years Day tradition of walking, I’d love to hear about your walk. Leave me a comment below, or tweet me about it.

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