Our Summer Holiday Wildlife Experiences Reviewed

Our Summer Holiday Wildlife Experiences Reviewed
Our Summer Holiday Wildlife Experiences Reviewed

As I’m sure you all know as a family (small and large at times) we planned lots of wildlife related activities for the summer holidays (not as many as I would have hoped but in fairness we moved house as well over this period and it kind of got in the way of a lot our planned activities). This post is a review of what we got up to (in case you missed any of them).

I’m not including blog posts like photo of the week or any activity that was just me so this is purely if the kids etc were involved. I’m planning on it pretty much being a list with links and a brief description, so you can have a look for yourself in more detail etc. no headings, no thrills, and no photos. I hope you enjoy it.

Anyway on with the post:

Well here are the links to each post, with a brief description, they are in chronological order (from first to last) I hope you enjoy reading them.

And so there you have it, our summer holidays summed up in a few posts. I hoep you take the time to read them all and enjoy what you see please do feel free to let me know your thoughts. Like I say we didn’t do quite as much as we wanted to do but there will be more holidays coming up and more fun to be had,

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