Creating a Nature Notebook

After yesterday’s scavenger hunt, we had all the items we needed in order to create a Nature Notebook for Bo to use throughout the summer holidays. It is a simple affair, and old note book with a newly designed and made front cover, the fun will come as much from filling it as it did from creating the masterpiece. The effort of two days and a lot of glue, but it was well worth it.

The materials

So a quick list of all the items we used in the making of this Nature Notebook, with a picture below (these were all found in yesterday’s Scavenger Hunt):

  • 1 Notebook
  • 2 Long straight twigs
  • 5 leaves from trees
  • 5 plant leaves
  • 6 daisies
  • 6 buttercups
  • Green Paper
  • Glue
Collected yesterday – some of the items used in today’s project

The Process

  1. The actual process was very simple, punch some holes in the side of a few pieces of paper (or some floded sheets as we used) and then connect the two twigs one on either side (we used loom bands through the punch holes, they worked a treat).
  2. Decorate the front (and back) cover with the glue and items found on our Nature Scavenger Hunt yesterday.
  3. Leave to dry.
Pretty simple really.

The finished book cover (yup on Peppa pig table)
The finished book cover (yup on Peppa pig table)

In use

We now have a very smart notebook that Bo can use to note down all her wildlife sightings or anything else she fancies really, but we hope to use this a lot on our nature walks around the lake.

Bo proudly shows off her new book
Bo proudly shows off her new book


Bo taking notes in her book – It’s never to early to start becoming a note taker
in nature – (I saw a Wood Pigeon)

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3 Replies to “Creating a Nature Notebook

  1. We had great fun today going out and filling in her "nature spotting book" ideal activity for school holidays

    Bo's Mummy x

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