Goals for the year ahead – I do not do resolutions

With the new year beginning roughly now (pre-scheduled post I’m probably tucked up in bed, but thought it would be nice to kick the year off at midnight with a post), I thought I would set out a few goals for the year ahead. these are my goals for the year ahead – I do NOT do resolutions (they never last).

Kingfisher - Goals for the year ahead - I do not do resolutions
Goals for the year ahead – I do not do resolutions

No.1 – Write More

Write more. I have neglected this blog for a few years (my mental health issues getting in the way, and more recently time constraints), but in 2021 I want to get back into writing more regularly.

I’m not sure what form this will take, as I struggle to go for a days walk and then write about it afterwards, not sure if it is a time issue or a motivation issue at that point, but we will see. Most likely any posts about walks, outdoors adventures, or general single day focus posts will be written and posted after the event by a day or so. I do want to write a bit more about my photography, which leads nicely to no.2

No.2 – A monthly “how to photograph” section

Over the years my “How to photograph dragonflies” and “How to photograph moths” have proven quite popular. They attract viewers even when I don’t write much new. So I want to expand this section with a monthly “How to photograph” post. Offer up a little of my experiences in capturing certain species, or types of fauna.

I have a few ideas in my head, but would love some interaction, so if there is anything you think I might be able to offer advice on, please pop it in the comments.

Marbled white butterfly - How to photograph butterflies maybe?
How to photograph butterflies maybe?

No.3 – Photography goals

There are a number of images in my head I want to capture, either species I’d love to have on my walls (or in my collection); or specific shots I’ve had imprinted but never caught (does that make sense?). I’ve posted before about these sorts of goals and found it really helped so… here is my list of top targets. (Oh an if you know of a site where any might be possible, please do let me know, the closer to MK the better though).

  1. Hares fighting at dawn.
  2. Tawny owl roosting in a tree hole.
  3. Young seal (long wait for this one. was hoping in 2020 but stupid lockdown)
  4. Black Grouse (preferably in the mist)
  5. Red grouse
  6. The Orion Nebular (I know branching out a little here, it’s not all wildlife)
  7. Stoats (if someone knows of a regular place to see them it would be great, I have only ever seen them by chance, and never with my camera out)
  8. Urban Foxes
  9. Common Cranes
  10. Great Grey Shrike
Grebe in the mist
Grebe in the mist – a photo achieved when I set goals last

No.4 – Walk more

You may recall back in 2017 I walked 2500 miles in the course of the year. Raising money for Birding For All as I went? or in 2018 when I was trying to do 1500 miles for CALM (that sadly coincided with my mental health issues and I didn’t achieve). Well I want to get back to those levels once more. I’m not setting targets this year, or raising money. This time it is about me. And getting back to a more healthy life.

Walk more
Walk more

So there you have it, my goals for 2021, pretty simple really. Nothing too challenging. Nothing out of the ordinary.

What are your goals for the year ahead? Let me know in the comments below.

2022 Update

Well that didn’t go well did it! I didn’t write much (still not), I missed all my photographic targets (shocking) and well I basically failed completely.

Maybe 2022 will be better! Don’t hold your breath.

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