Even more hiking essentials – more items in the kit bag

Even more hiking essentials
Even more hiking essentials

Ok, the title of this one is pushing it a little. These aren’t really essentials, as they were in my original 5 Hiking Essentials post, and they can’t even be described as near essential as those in 5 more hiking essentials. In fact these are only just above optional extras really.

And yes this will be my last hiking essentials post (well in this format).

Even more hiking essentials

So onto that list:

    1.  A lighter
    2. Rubbish bag
    3. Binoculars
    4. Notebook
    5. Change of socks

A lighter

Highlander Lighter - Buy on Amazon
Highlander Lighter – Buy on Amazon

Find yourself lost and cold and a lighter could well save your life. Starting that fire to keep you warm. Or lighting the gas stove (assuming you have one) to warm your water or food. You could carry matches or one of those snazzy fire lighters. But a decent, refillable lighter will see you just as well. Personally I’d choose a metal one, rather than plastic, after all we need to break our reliance on that stuff!

Rubbish bag

There are a few uses for a rubbish bag on a hike, firstly to collect your rubbish so as to leave no trace. Secondly you could help the local environment by collecting any rubbish you find. A tidy up on a walk will leave the countryside in a better state than you found it. Thirdly, you could use it to keep yourself or your stuff dry in an emergency (or a rain shower).


I don’t like to go out for walks without mine (although on long walks I will sacrifice these as the weight is something I could do without). I like to be able to get a decent view of the birds, or other wildlife. Some people like to check out at sea. But if you have a pair of binoculars, and the weight won’t hamper you, then bung them in your bag.

Opticron Binoculars
Opticron Binoculars


As someone who writes a lot about their days out, well I have a blog post to write when I get back, but even before blogging I’d take notes of my wildlife, I always try and take my notebook with me. Often when walking ideas and thoughts come to me. Walking really is conducive to great ideas. Without a notebook I’d often forget things, especially poetic lines for the blog. There are of course plenty of things you might want to note down, so having a small notebook and pen (or better yet a refillable pencil) will see you right.

Notebook - Buy on Amazon
Notebook – Buy on Amazon

Change of socks

This may sound odd, but I was advised of this a while back when I started to walk longer distances. Carrying an extra pair of socks is great. Not only for emergencies, like falling in a stream, but for added revitalisation. You see when you start to flag a change of socks will feel wonderful (as will a fresh t-shirt). Our feet sweat a lot, the moisture builds up in our socks and our feet begin to feel uncomfortable, changing to dry socks every 5 or 10 miles really lifts your spirits.

1000 Miles socks - Buy on Amazon
1000 Miles socks – Buy on Amazon

So there you have it Even more hiking essentials. What more could you want. Is there anything you think I have missed off the list (or lists). Drop me a note in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.

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Even more hiking essentials
Even more hiking essentials
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