Regular readers may have noticed a lack of posts of late, especially ones about walking or wildlife trips out. Unfortunately I am suffering a little with ill health of late, and it is likely to continue for a while.

This ill health is both mental and physical and has built over recent months, to leave me feeling stressed, drained, and suffering with mild depression.

Currently I am being treated for the Stress, Depression and Anxiety, but it is the physical symptoms of dizziness, heart palpitations and occasional nausea, that are really taking a toll.


While the stress is coming from multiple places (as one would expect in life), this blog is one area I can cut some stress from (not that it creates much, but every little helps). So for the time being I am going to go on a self enforced hiatus.

I have a coupled of scheduled reviews that will go up in the next week or so but until I am back on an even keel I’m going to place the blog at the back of my mind. I’m sure you all will understand.


Why am I writing this? Well I have talked about my mental health battles several times before, so would not be being honest and open if I just walked away without explanation.

Once I regain some energy (as soon as the heart palpitations calm down I hope), I will get back into walking a bit, and exploring the local nature once more. But I’m not planning on writing on here until I have the stress back under control fully.

Bye For Now

I’m sure I’ll still post the odd photo on twitter in the intervening period. But until then, thank you for your continued support, and I hope to see you all soon, when I am back feeling healthy.

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