Top 10 Outdoors Instagram Accounts 2018

Top 10 Outdoors Instagram Accounts to follow in 2018 - Sunset at Rutland Water
Top 10 Outdoors Instagram Accounts to follow in 2018

I’m sure most of the people that read my blog, or randomly stumble upon it in some way, love the outdoors. After all that is what this blog is all about. Sadly we can’t always get out there ourselves, no matter how much we wished we could. Work, family commitments, illness, all take their toll on our time outside.

So, for me, the next best thing to do is to look at great outdoors images. Stunning photos of fells; fabulous images of woods; amazing seascapes. You name it and I love to see them.

Top 10 Outdoors Instagram Accounts to follow in 2018

Obviously you get loads of great images on here, but for me Instagram is the place to go. I can sit for hours scrolling through my feed, double tapping those photos that stand out.

While superstars “and Kim Kardashian” get all the fans and applause. Often those accounts, of a less soul destroying nature, don’t get the credit they deserve (at least in this guy’s opinion).

Well I’m hoping to set that straight a little by offering you my Top 10 Outdoors Instagram Accounts to follow in 2018.


If any of those listed here, would rather I remove them, please get in contact, they are not linked to cause offence, rather the opposite, but I know some people would rather not be included in things like this, so please just say.

The Instagram accounts

So here are my Top 10 Outdoors Instagram Accounts to follow in 2018. Hopefully clicking on the image will take you to their page, so you too can follow them.

  1. Paul Gittins


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2. StephsWanderLust

3. Gareth Mate

4. Danielkphoto

One more autumn before we go to winter

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5. Simon Turnbull

6. Mark Barret

7. Chris Woolley

8. Andy Martin

Yesterday I climbed three quarters of the way up a fairly modest mountain (Moel Hebog) in Snowdonia. I didn’t reach the summit but that was never my intention. The aim of this walk was to stay off the paths and navigate only by map and compass and that’s what I did. I chose my target destination, navigated my way there, had a quick lunch and headed back down. . But the walk is just a small part of the adventure. Choosing what kit to take, loading up my car, buying my Haribo rations from the petrol station, driving the Welsh country lanes in the dark, finding some where to sleep, the anticipation of checking the weather forecast as soon as I wake up, route planning while eating my fry up (is there anything more tasty than bacon, egg and OL17?), then that first foot step outside and the accompanying breath of cold, crisp fresh air! It’s all these little things combined that make my short walk up a small mountain an epic weekend of adventure. . . #adventure #adventurer #thisismyadventure #osmaps #GetOutside #snowdonia #moelhebog #mapreading #epic #mountains #mountainwalk #hike #hiking #explore #explorer #wales #nationalpark #winterwalks #greatoutdoors #hikingadvetures #welshmountains #northwales #adventuretime #walking #simplyadventure #thegreatoutdoors #climbing #walkingwales #welsh3000s #nature

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9. SiNico

10. Paul Milligan

11. Me!!

And of course lets not forget my own! Well bit of advertising never hurt did it?

If I follow you and you are not on the list, please don’t take offence. I love all of your work. But for me, these guys really stand out (I find myself liking their photos more than others).

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