World Shorebirds Day 6th Sept

World Shorebirds Day 6th Sept
World Shorebirds Day 6th Sept

Shorebirds, those enigmatic, long legged, and often gangly looking, far flying and slowly decreasing wading birds found in nearly every corner of the globe, and spotted by birdwatchers sometimes in the most unusual places, are being celebrated, and counted on Saturday the 6th of September. You can get involved by joining them  and registering a site to watch on their website at: pop along, have a read and let them know where you will be watching.

World Shorebirds Day 6th Sept

This Saturday will mark the FIRST World Shorebird Day – Started by Hungarian birder Gyorgy Szimuly (a fellow resident of Milton Keynes these days) as a way to celebrate and highlight the sadly declining birds, who decided it was time more was done and so created this special day where counts of shorebirds from all over the world will be made on the nearest weekend to the 6th each year.

My views

It is an excellent idea to celebrate shorebirds, they can be a thrilling sight (the huge winter flocks in the wash or a rare sandpiper on your local reserve), and Gyorgy has certainly put a lot of effort into this project, so I wish him and the shore birds the best of luck. I’m not the greatest at identifying waders, some of the little peeps (American term for sandpipers) can be really tricky but there are some stunning species out there so if you are not familiar with shorebirds take a look you may be surprised how pleasing they can be.

Our Help

I have registered to record at Manor Farm on Saturday with Toby. And maybe others if they fancy it? So hopefully we will see a few birds and help out in a little way. And watch out for our post on Saturday of what we saw.

Support the Cause

You can follow/support the day in various ways:

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