A Little About Moths

Green Silver-Lines - Milton Keynes
Green Silver-Lines – Milton Keynes
It is grey and cold again (March has struck back today), I’m working nights and have a lot on over the next few days so no getting out and about, however I did do some moth trapping last night, (you can read in more detail over on my moth blog Mothin’ in the Garden) but I thought I would share a few photos of the moths I have trapped (and released unharmed) over the years. And try to spark an interest for those of you who have never looked closely at moths (after all it fits well with my recent theme about encouraging people to take an interest in wildlife).

Not Grey and Boring

I think all too often moths are seen as dull versions of butterflies and that simply is not true, I hope the photos here will go some way to really dispel that myth, and show some of my readers that moths can be really colourful and amazing to see. And what’s more they are quite easy to see if you know what to do.

Early Thorn - Milton Keynes
Early Thorn – Milton Keynes

Small Quaker - Milton Keynes
Small Quaker – Milton Keynes

Catching Moths

The above Two moths were caught last night (18-03-2014), in my humble Milton Keynes garden (as are pretty much all my moths), so even when you think there will be little about you may be wrong (last night I had 30 moths in my trap). I use a simple light trap (I bought mine but you could make one, or in the height of the season, mid summer, just use a bright torch and a white sheet!), but sugaring or wine rope can be used (a Google search should tell you how to do those as I have never actually done it!).

Pink-Barred Sallow - Milton Keynes
Pink-Barred Sallow – Milton Keynes

Burnished Brass - Milton Keynes
Burnished Brass – Milton Keynes

Autumn Colour

The above two were trapped in Autumn of 2013 (autumnal moths often have more yellow I have noticed, I guess due to leaf colour changes), but look how striking they are, in many ways more beautiful than butterflies (certainly less gaudy than some). But if it is bright and gaudy you are looking for, then how about these:

Elephant Hawkmoth - Milton Keynes
Elephant Hawkmoth – Milton Keynes

Blood Vein - Milton Keynes
Blood Vein – Milton Keynes

Buff Tip - Milton Keynes
Buff Tip – Milton Keynes

Magpie Moth - Milton Keynes
Magpie Moth – Milton Keynes

Scarce Silver-Lines - Milton Keynes
Scarce Silver-Lines – Milton Keynes
I hope you would agree all stunning! and all pretty common even in inner cities.

Where to go Next

Many local wildlife groups or parks trusts will hold trapping events that people can come and view, and I would highly recommend this as there are amazing sites out there, you just need to look.

Please feel free to leave me a comment, I really appreciate the interaction and will reply as soon as I can. I apologise for any issues with posting comments, but sometimes Google’s blogger platform plays up.

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