A walk out

Orange Tip – Female

Finally I’ve managed a walk around the patch, and I have to say it was well worth it, not only did I have wonderful views of some new patch birds, but also got to spend some time photographing two very confiding orange tip butterflies (both females).

As I arrived at the lake I spotted a tern flying above the surrounding bushes, on getting my bins out to confirm it was just a Common Tern (although new to the patch for me one I expected) I was pleased to see a second and then a third, except no, this wasn’t a tern at all but instead was a newly arrived Hobby passing through, two new patch birds in the space of as many seconds, not a bad start.

My next treat, apart from the obvious warbler songs of Blackcap, Reed Warbler Chiffchaff and Willow warbler) was stumbling into the a fore mentioned Orange tip butterflies. I bent down to photograph some striking Bluebells and nearly knelt on two females resting on some small white flowers. The black and yellow markings on their under wings perfectly camouflaging their presence.

I spent a good few minuted with them, getting ridiculously close and taking some stunning photos (coming up) before I left them to their peace and continued on. (There are more words following these images)

Orange tip

Close up of orange tip with hind wing showing

Orange tip with blubells

Extreme close up

Upon reaching Bradwell Abbey I started a bit of a bug hunt (one of my favourite photographic subjects) and I managed a few that I quite liked but again birds came to the fore as I heard both Garden Warbler and Common Whitethroat singing in amongst the trees (both new for me on the patch so great to catch up with), I was also pleased to see a pair of Swallows circling the abbey buildings, presumably looking for nesting material?

Unknown cranefly

Unknown Fly

Unknown fly

Returning to the lake without much of note (I say that but the two orange tips were still where I had left them over an hour previously)  I was pleased to see the two common tern remained, and was delighted to find the female swan and her 2 wonderfully fluffy cygnets (it is a shame that is all she managed to raise but they are gorgeous). as well as a Mallard and her brood of 7 ducklings (right where the swans old nest is) and two Great Crested Grebe Nests, one with at least one egg).

Mother Swan and her fluffy Cygnets

Grey Balls of fluff

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