2 days 1 post

2 days 1 post
2 days 1 post

For the last two days my daughter and I have managed a walk around the lake, and it must be said it is great to be outside. We have had contrasting weather though, yesterday was a real spring like walk, coats off, and birds/butterflies noticeable, today was wet and cold (again), still some interesting things seen.

2 days 1 post


A lovely day and we were very happy to be surrounded by singing Chiffchaff, always a pleasing sound and a reminder that it is in fact spring, I think we heard/saw at least 6 birds, we also heard a couple of separate water rail (presumable at least two pairs around the lake?). Also springlike were the amount of flowers everywhere and the spring buds appearing (finally) on the trees and bushes. Insect wise only a couple of Brimstone butterflies but always great to see anything on the wing like this.

First flowers
Daisy, Daisy

The journey was really an excuse to see how our swans were doing and I’m pleased to report that they have 8 (eight) huge blue eggs in their nest ready for hatching and the male is chasing anything he can away from his area of lake (including a couple of Canada geese).

Blue Eggs
Canada Goose


Looking at me


Well the weather has swapped again. Constant drizzle and much colder. But let’s be honest all this really means is more puddles to splash in Rain does not stop us going out!

Still plenty of Chiffchaff singing, and while stopping for a quick game of pooh sticks (it is almost compulsory now when we cross and small bridge), I say quick but the flow of water meant it actually took quite a while (I lost as always) I spotted something I have never seen before, a chiffchaff launching off a nearby bush and almost diving into the lake, but hovering just above to grab a drink?? very odd, wish I had had a longer lens to capture this weird behaviour.

Waiting for the stick

Anyway on to our Swan nest. Just to make sure the eggs were still OK. And rightly enough mother swan was keeping them safe. But it was here we saw another first for the patch (for me at least), and an animal I haven’t seen locally for many, many years. A WATER VOLE ran around the bank and past the nest before vanishing. Too quick for a photo (even if I had a long lens with me) but wonderful to see one of these rare voles. And something I may be able to find again and capture with some patience.

Motherly Love

Continuing around the lake there was not much else of any real note. Although as you will see my evil daughter wanted to splash me!

Evil girl waiting to splash her dad!


I’m bored of waiting now!


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