2 brief visits

2 brief visits
2 brief visits

In the last two days (even with everything else that is going on in my life) I have managed two brief visits to Lodge lake, despite in the frozen conditions I am glad I did as I have not only added to my year list for the area but also to my full patch list.

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to see a few LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULLS sitting on the ice that makes up the lake currently (in amongst the usual BLACK-HEADED GULL and COMMON (MEW) GULL). There was little else of note and I didn’t stay long, but managed the below photo which isn’t too bad and I hope gives an impression of the conditions.

2 brief visits

Today (17th Jan) was just as cold but in one (of the two) small patch of water still on the lake along with the many mallards, a single GREAT CRESTED GREBE and a few COOT sat a lone male TUFTED DUCK (my first for the lake). Now tufties are really rare on this body of water, (4 last year in total, I believe, were recorded there) so to see one and add it to my list has made the trip worth while (unfortunately didn’t have a big lens so the pic below is heavily cropped).

Tufted Duck and grebe

I also managed to add two lovely male BULLFINCHES to this years year list (which incidentally I must upload at some point) as well as a fly over HERRING GULL. Not too much else of note but worth the walk just for that, I plan on going out tomorrow with a bit more freedom (My daughter was very cold today, tomorrow she is at school).

Other Photos

Anyway I shall leave you today with these photos of the local swans, and a reed bed shot.






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