Introducing the Patch - Enclosed Paddock

Introducing the Patch - Enclosed Paddock
Introducing the Patch - Enclosed Paddock
The Enclosed Paddock is not the most exciting of locations on the patch, in fact most of the time it is simply a grassy field, surrounded by trees and hedges (and next to Wolverton House pub) with a large Oak tree that stands sentinel in the centre, but for a couple of weeks in summer, between the grass reaching jungle proportions and the council cutting it down, the field comes to life.

A walk through the long grass, at this time of year, sends wave after wave of the striking day flying moth, the Chimney Sweeper, into the air. 

There are often hundreds of these charcoal grey moths whose wing tips appear to be dipped in pure white paint, spread out across the field.

Introducing the Patch - Enclosed Paddock

Thankfully the Chimney Sweeper is not alone in finding these fields attractive at this time of year, numerous damselflies and butterflies, hoverflies and bees can also be found using the long grass as a place to rest, feed, or hunt.

The central Oak is often found containing a Common Buzzard or two, and the surrounding hedges often find mixed tit flocks or finches, such as Bullfinch or Chaffinch, but otherwise, so far, the bird life has been unremarkable.

Rabbits and Grey Squirrels can often be found feeding around the fields edges, the latter allowing close approach some times.


Other Photos

Blue-tailed Damselfly
Blue-tailed Damselfly

Brown Argus
Brown Argus

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