Introducing the Patch – A New Feature

Introducing the Patch - A New Feature.
Introducing the Patch – A New Feature
I have decided to introduce a new monthly feature to the blog in 2016: Introducing the Patch. The idea is each month (on a once a month basis, but on no set date, it will likely be when I don’t have anything else to post, so maybe when I am working) I will be publishing a post that highlights a specific area of the patch in more detail, things like the Enclosed Meadow or the Cattle Fields, the Sheep Fields or the Old Lock area etc.

Introducing the Patch – A New Feature

Each post will contain a few images (hopefully from different times of the year), some descriptive writing of the location and what can be found there through the year, and its location on a map (including a grid reference).
My hope is that this will prove to be a helpful tool for anyone who wants to visit the locations mentioned in my blog posts.
All will be linked to permanently from the Map of the Patch page, so will always be easy to find even if it has disappeared off the front page. At the end of the year I hope there will be a complete picture built up of the area for anyone who wants to read it.

I hope regular and new readers will like this new feature, and find it of some use.For more in the series see my Introducing The Patch page

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  • Anonymous

    That sounds good, I've only been here once and walked part way then turned round to come back as I wasn't sure if it looped round or not!

    Jo Angell

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