Raining beetles

Forest Shield bug Pentatoma rufipes
Forest Shield bug (Pentatoma rufipes)
Yesterday I had a walk around the patch but I am currently dog sitting so didn't get to look at much, in fact I noticed very little, today on our short walk it was tipping it down so again nothing, however my moth trapping session also gave me the chance to see a number of beetles (I've yet to start trying to identify the species of fly that come in!).

Firstly there was this stunning Forest Shield bug (Pentatoma rufipes), with it's bright orange spot on all brown body:

The other two I have yet to put names to (they are up on ispot at the moment so I will update as I can):

UPDATE: The beetles have been identified by two great guys on iSpot they are an Bradycellus sp. and a Hydroporus palustris.

Bradycellus sp.
Bradycellus sp.
Hydroporus palustris
Hydroporus palustris
If anyone knows the name of these chaps, then please let me know, it is always nice to put names to what I see.

Please feel free to leave me a comment, I really appreciate the interaction and will reply as soon as I can.



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