A trip to the British Bird Fair

A trip to the British Bird Fair
A trip to the British Bird Fair
This weekend I spent a really enjoyable few days with the Birding For All team at the British Bird Fair at Rutland Water, I’d like to say it was watching the Ospreys or studying the wildlife (but I did neither) no I was there to help the charity raise awareness (and much needed funds).

A trip to the British Bird Fair

It was a good excuse to meet lots of birders and donate my time in a good cause (I now seem to be in charge of their newly created Facebook page: Birding For All Facebook (please join) and have been tasked with trying to help with their website as well as much more (I’ll be back at the bird fair each year from now!).
For those who don’t know the group they used to be the Disabled Birders Association but to be more welcoming and all encompassing changed their name to Birding For All, they are all about improving access to nature reserves the world over. Good for the disabled, or families or let’s face it anyone who likes to be out looking at nature.
Anyway, as I said a cracking weekend meeting loads of birders from all over the world (even a few celebs!). So here are a couple of Photos for you all to look at:


Birding for all team meets Nick Baker
Nick Baker and the Birding For All team.
It must be said that both Bill and Nick (especially Nick, I think after the amount of Pressure my good lady put him under to buy a raffle ticket) were really nice guys to meet; and a boost to have them pop by or donate a raffle prize (in Bills case).
Next year I hope to meet people who read this blog (if there are in fact any?) I’ll be back on the Birding For All stand.
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