UK Hiking Bucket List a guide to some great walks

UK Hiking Bucket List
UK Hiking Bucket List a guide to some great walks

I’m sure the concept of a bucket list isn’t lost on most of us. A simple list of things you would love to do in your life. Be they before 30; items you will never really do; 50 before 50; the types of list are endless. Well this post is my UK Hiking Bucket List, a list of trails, or routes I would love one day to hike along, plus a little bit about why.

UK Hiking Bucket List a guide to some great walks

There is no particular order to this list, and as I discover new trails that take my fancy I am sure my UK hiking bucket list will grow (and hopefully as I walk them, the list will also shrink one day). These are of course only the UK trails or long-distance footpaths I’d love to walk. I have a number of foreign walks as well, but they will appear on a different list some time I guess.

The Ridgeway [87 Miles]

When I was 16 (I think) my class walked a section of the Ridgeway. I can’t recall the exact start, but it was around Ivinghoe (we camped in the Youth Hostel), included Wendover (we wild camped along the trail) and finished at Tring Station. It’s the one and only time I have walked as part of a large group, we were all young, and used it as an excuse to drink and have a laugh, rather than explore and test ourselves, but since then I have always fancied walking the full route.

Ridgeway Sign Post
Ridgeway Sign Post

That desire is getting stronger as I have walked near (or even on) parts, while on recent walks (Tring to Ivinghoe Beacon and Tring Station to Milton Keynes). I believe this is my most likely one to achieve as I can start not too far from home.

Hadrian’s Wall [84 Miles]

History has always fascinated me, I even flirted with a history degree from the OU a number of years ago, completing a few courses, so the idea of following this ancient roman ruin is one that really appeals.

There is something special to walking an ancient route, fair enough there are no Picts marauding from the north, but to consider the history of this walk is just one of the many reasons to follow it. I’ve been close to the wall, but never walked it. One day.

The West Highland Way [96 Miles]

To walk and wild camp along this route is a growing dream of mine. The idea of the stunning scenery, the challenge of a long walk and the ability to fall asleep and wake up to the amazing locations en-route makes this one feel romantic in its nature.

The bleak moors, mountainous views, and wooded glens; Rivers, Lochs, Villages; it seems the West Highland Ways has it all, it’s no wonder really that this walk makes my UK hiking bucket list is it.

North Downs Way [156 Miles]

spend a lot of time in Kent (Margate) but haven’t done that much walking, bar recent Sandwich to Deal, I’m usually birding with my old man somewhere [Sheppey last time]. But I would like to walk more. Ad this route is partly through Kent, in an area I really don’t know.

It’s funny really, most people when they think of the downs think of the south downs, along the impressive cliffs of the south coast, so the north downs are less well known, but they offer equally beautiful areas for walking, which is another reason they make my UK hiking bucket list: THERE WILL BE LESS PEOPLE!

MK Boundary Walk [63.3 Miles]

The closest walk to home, and one I can easily do in stages rather than having to walk the whole route in one, and find accommodation along the route. This will very likely be the first one ticked off my UK hiking bucket list. I have plans to do some of it through 2018 (although much depends on when I can leave the dog for longer, as he won’t be able to walk for miles until 2019).

Calverton Church, viewable from the Boundary walk
Calverton Church, viewable from the Boundary walk

OK so this won’t be the most picturesque of walks although it will have it’s moments, and the Buckinghamshire countryside can be beautiful. And there won’t be many who would have this one on their bucket list, but it’s on mine.

Coast to Coast UK [190 Miles]

Designed by the legend that is Alfred Wainwright, this 190 mile walk takes you from the East coast to the West coast of the UK. From Robins Hood Bay on the East to Bees head on the West coast. Taking in the North Yorkshire moors, the Pennine way, and the Lake District. One thing this walk will give you is amazing views.

It will be a real challenge, but oh so worth it when I eventually do manage this walk.

UK hiking Bucket list With a Difference

The following 3 walks are slightly different, they are not strictly routes. Well not in the sense of those above. In fact they are two spots that you have to get between but the routes are your own choice I guess.

Lands End to John O’Groats

A pipe dream for retirement I think, no other way I can spare the weeks or months it could take, but one that I would love to test my body through.

Yorkshire 3 Peaks

Walking the three highest peaks in Yorkshire (the peak district). Not to be mistaken for the three peaks challenge that takes on the three highest mountains of Britain *Ben Nevis, Snowdon & Scrafel Pike). There are a few groups and organisations that run Yorkshire three peaks walks. And one day I’ll join one and complete this challenge.


One that probably deserves more than just a few lines. The TGO challenge. The Great Outdoors Challenge (TGO) has run since 1980; when groups of people walk from the west coast to the East coast of Scotland following their own, routes.

So there you have it, my current UK hiking bucket list. I’ll get there some day with some of these at least. Have you walked any? Or are you planning to? Let me know in the comments below.

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UK Hiking Bucket List - My top long distance routes I would love to walk.
UK Hiking Bucket List a guide to some great walks pin
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