A Selection of Photos

Blue Tit - A Selection of Photos
A Selection of Photos

Some days you just find yourself with not much to say, days where tiredness is stopping the prose from flowing; or darker thoughts are tainting you mood. Today appears to be one of those days for me (as was yesterday)! Sorry

While I managed a long walk (yesterday 12-10-2015), I was tired, my back was playing up and the birding wasn’t anything special if I’m honest. and a lack of decent birds, combined with the others, make for lacklustre posting. For me anyway. You need to feel what you are writing really.

With that said I did manage a few half decent photos, while out so rather than waffle on without actually having anything to say, I thought I’d just share with you those photos. Hopefully next time I get out I’ll find more to say.

A Selection of Photos

Blue Tit
Blue Tit in profile


Chiffchaff on willow


Cormorant in flight
Cormorant in flight against white sky


Lapwing in flight
Lapwing in flight against blue sky


European Robin (rather shadow covered sadly)
European Robin (rather shadow covered sadly)


Migrant Hawker - Last of the Dragons?
Migrant Hawker – Last of the Dragons? – on a fence post


I hope you enjoyed the photos anyway, and hopefully I’ll be back to having lots of words strung together in some kind of order next time.

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