Sunday Morning Seawatch in Kent

Adult Yellow-Legged Gull - Sunday Morning Seawatch in Kent
Sunday Morning Seawatch in Kent

Another post from my weekend visit to Margate, this time, my dad and I managed to slip out in the morning for an hour, here we mainly looked at the sea around Joss Bay, but also managed a few mins looking at some gulls (not my favourite subject) including the only photo of any worth from the day, that you can see as the title picture (click on it for a larger version). Anyway on with the tale.

Sunday Morning Seawatch in Kent

Our first stop was by the Jet-ski ramp in Margate, this area often has small birds pecking around in the seaweed or waders wandering around the rocks, but you have to beat the dog walkers, unfortunately we didn’t today, however there was the above, stunning adult Yellow-Legged Gull sitting in amongst the Herring Gulls and Greater Black-Backed Gull. We were also treated to a few close in Gannets flying past.

Joss Bay

We soon headed off to Joss Bay where we could sit on the cliff tops and see what may (or may not) be passing at sea, although it seemed quite calm (and mild) there was actually a fair passage of Gannets passing off the coast and they were at all distances, some were very close including one youngster who was under constant attack by two herring gulls, they kept trying to hit this poor bird who had resorted to flying extremely low to the sea and fighting back with its incredible bill, I’m not sure what the attack was about as the gannet held no food, but it was an interesting watch until they all disappeared around the cliff.

We were also fortunate to see plenty of other pretty good birds. A lone Eider (male) was sat just off the rocks, we had one Guillemot fly through as well as two Red-Throated Diver and one Black-Throated Diver, the odd Fulmar, and the usual gulls.

Porpoise Hump

I also spotted one brief hump as a passing porpoise of some kind, breached the surface. Very briefly. As well as a couple of seals whose heads could be seen bobbing above the waves.

All in all it was a wonderful all be it too short morning.

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