What will be my 100th Manor Farm Bird

What will be my 100th Manor Farm Bird?
What will be my 100th Manor Farm Bird?

It has not yet been two months on the patch and already I am asking the question what will be my 100th Manor Farm bird species, seems amazing to me that I reached 99 so quickly, especially when you consider I used to watch the area many years ago (9+) and had barely broken 100 species in the few years I did watch it (you will notice I have not included birds seen previously in my list now as the area has changed so much and I wanted it as a new challenge). Anyway on to What I think will be my 100th Manor Farm bird.

What will be my 100th Manor Farm Bird

Now as many people do I dream that my 100th bird will be a really exciting patch tick, a national rarity maybe (or even a local rarity would be damn fine), in fact I have been out a lot recently (not last week due to a Zoe being poorly) searching in the vain hope that I might stumble across a Wryneck or a Barred Warbler (one was found in Bedfordshire this week), or something really special to watch like a Barn Owl or a Short-eared owl (the former is more likely as they did breed somewhere nearby apparently), or maybe even a winter scarcity like a Waxwing, but I have my fears these dreams will not be a reality.

My real belief is that it will be a rather dull bird (not necessarily to look at) like a Redwing or Fieldfare (bound to be the former) there is still an outside hope it will be a Marsh tit (I used to see them by the Aqueduct quite often) but it will more likely be a Coal tit (pretty but not exactly thrilling).

There is still the outside chance it will be a rare wader, like the recent Pectoral Sandpiper, maybe a Little Stint or Curlew Sand (not massively rare but pretty scarce locally) but if it’s a wader it will probably be an Oystercatcher or Curlew again nice but tame for your 100th bird.

If you watch a local patch what was your 100th patch bird? What do you think mine will be? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


My final conclusion is that my 100th bird will be a REDWING! I’ll probably have it flying over Wednesday (when I go out next). But whatever the case I’m pretty impressed I’m talking about my 100th Manor Farm Bird already! – It finally fell – A Wet Walk and a Damp Squib.

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