Kids and Moths

Kids and Moths - Bo holding an Elephant Hawkmoth
Kids and Moths
Just a very quick blog post to show you all something. No matter how much kids say they are scared of bugs etc. they may well not be telling the truth, my little girl is always saying she doesn’t like bugs because her friends don’t, I know this to be untrue and these photos prove it.


Kids and Moths

It is terrible that peer pressure starts at such a young age, and without real pushing, kids wanting to fit in rather than strike their own path, hopefully I am teaching her that she doesn’t have to say she doesn’t like something just because her friends do.
I’ve spoken about this before in Encouraging Wildlife interest in Children.
I should point out although at first Bo was nervy holding such a big moth, she loved the picture and is taking it in to school tomorrow, and was insistent that I took one of her holding the elephant hawkmoth.
Anyway enough moaning, here is the photo:
Bo Holding a 6cm long Privet Hawkmoth
Bo Holding a 6cm long Privet Hawkmoth (hardly scared now is she!)


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