Pooh Sticks and Waxwings

Pooh Sticks and Waxwings
Pooh Sticks and Waxwings

My other half and I enjoy taking our Daughter for a walk (getting the boys to join us is becoming increasingly hard as they get older, in fact getting them up is hard enough sometimes), and when we do we always try to make things interesting and fun for her. Fortunately she loves nature so that is often quite easy but when the wildlife is thin on the ground (as it can be on our small lake) we have to find other ideas.

Pooh Sticks and Waxwings

As a child I grew up on AA Milne and would often play Pooh sticks (I’m sure most of us did) once we introduced our little girl to it, that was it, and bridge we now walk over she wants to play (sometimes it is hard explaining that the A5 is not a suitable “river”).

Today the stream running into Lodge Lake was high and fast and Ideal for a few quick games, so that is what we did on our morning stroll to the shops (we needed ingredients for baking Gingerbread men, but took the long way).

The View

After our games we continued our walk and decided to feed a few of the geese (Zoe by hand – see photos below) and some of the local black-headed gull population (pretty much the only gull we see on the lake).

Black-Headed Gull
Canada Goose
Once Bitten


Our time by the lake over it was time to head to the shops, and I am so glad we took this odd route as as soon as we crossed under the bridge into Wymbush we were surprised by a small flock of birds that I instantly recognised as waxwings flying away from us. They didn’t go far and joined another group in the top of a small tree. I counted 38 in total, but there may have been more.

Unfortunately the lens I had on the camera was not up to decent photos, so after the visit to the shops (and the purchase of a comic to appease the little lady and allow me to delay the gingerbread men while I popped back out with my big lens), I returned to the site to grab some photos; After informing my good friend and co-patch watcher of the birds.

Sadly though they had gone. There was no sign at all of the birds (I’m starting to think I have a very vivid imagination). After a quick catch up with my Friend (Simon – who has yet to see waxwings on the patch) I headed back to do some baking.

I’m hoping the birds are still around and I can see them in the new year (and hopefully grab that elusive photo).

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