2500 Miles Aug Update

2500 Miles Aug Update - Sunrise at Campbell Park

August was another good month, feel like I am back on track with the walking and also had a few nice donations so that side felt back on track too, one of the biggest interruptions (potentially) was my usual yearly weekend working for Birding For All at the Birdfair. Actually I did more walking than I thought I would, especially with the camping and having to walk back from town each evening after our meals.

2500 MILES August UPDATE


August Total: 214.6
2017 Total: 1735


We are up to £290 now with some nice donations especially one from Rick & Ellis Simpson of Waderquest

Best Bits

A few walks punctuated my regular walks to work etc. (I actually find the summer holidays a struggle to get out as much as my time is more focused on the kids, but things went OK this year).
I guess I have to start with my Birdfair weekend, not only did I still manage to get my miles in, but I also had a great time and took some lovely photos.
Next highlight was a Mixed day at Willen lake with the family.
And finally Walking to Work a stunning walk through Campbell park in the morning sunrise.

Photographic Highlights

Sunrise at the MK Rose
Sunrise at the MK Rose

Sunrise at Campbell Park
Sunrise at Campbell Park

Zoe and a very worried looking bubs
Zoe and a very worried looking bubs

A rare picture with me in it! Taken by my youngest son
A rare picture with me in it! Taken by my youngest son

Sunset over Rutland Water
Sunset over Rutland Water

Meeting Nick Baker
Meeting Nick Baker

I'm Walking 2500 miles in 2017 to raise money for Birding For All - Read about it here - Please consider donating through My Donate

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