Week one of my 2500 Mile Challenge

Week one of my 2500 Mile Challenge - Carrion crow on Fence
Week one of my 2500 Mile Challenge
Well I have completed my first week of walking for my 2500 mile challenge through 2017, and it’s been OK, nothing spectacular but a steady week. This isn’t going to be a huge post, but I thought it was important to offer up regular updates, and what better place than to start with Week 1.

Week one of my 2500 Mile Challenge

From here on I will be altering to a monthly update so expect the next one February 1st, one good reason is I can’t abide weeks starting on a Sunday, but as the 1st was a Sunday, I have no choice in week one.

These posts will be round up post detailing my walks that month, successes, failures, miles walked (daily, full month , total and average for the month). as well as any future plans and updates on donations and how they are going.

Anyway, week one over and I have managed the following Daily totals:

  • Sunday 1st – 9.55
  • Monday 2nd – 12.14
  • Tuesday 3rd – 4.04
  • Wednesday 4th – 10.99
  • Thursday 5th – 10.26
  • Friday 6th – 10.79
  • Saturday 7th – 10.16

A total of 67.84 miles walked at an average of 9.69 miles a day.

Current Donations: £75 (thank you).


Decent walks on a few of the days have kept the total rising. Monday’s Geocaching was a nice family walk (5.97 miles) hunting for small boxes hidden by fellow outdoors fun seekers. and Tuesday’s patch walk (5.3 miles) was a great start to my years patch walks. the rest of the week has been made up with walks to and from work, shopping or school pickups really.

Some of Monday's Geocaching fun
Some of Monday’s Geocaching fun


As you can see Tuesday the 3rd was a bit of a failure, I failed to make my needed average (thankfully it didn’t affect my overall average), it was a bit of a Lazy day for my daughter and I, we popped to the shops, and picked up our Jan copy of Country Walking (yeah a bit late with the Feb edition due out 2 days later), but walking between a few shops and buses was pretty much our sum total. Well I couldn’t push the little lady too far.

Future Plans

At present there is nothing in place, but one day there will be something here.

Don’t forget you can donate to my efforts raising funds for Birding For All through my My Donate page – Walking 2500 Miles in 2017

Storm Clouds Gathering on my Patch Walk
Storm Clouds Gathering on my Patch Walk

I’m Walking 2500 miles in 2017 to raise money for Birding For All – Read about it here – Please consider donating through My Donate

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