100 Plus Geocaching Terms

100 Plus Geocaching Terms

If you are a regular reader or have spotted the menu bar at the top of this blog you will know that we are keen geocachers. We love nothing more than spending a few hours hunting through the briar and bramble for tiny pots, hidden by equally enthusiastic hiders. As weird as that sounds it really isn't that odd.

If you don't already know what Geocaching is then I'd advise checking out my post What is Geocaching first. the rest of you read on for 100 plus Geocaching Terms.

The idea of this post is to provide a long list of terms that you may come across if you take up this fun hobby, when we first started there were often words or phrases that we just didn't understand. We ended up researching as much as we could, and these are the ones we have found most useful, just skip below the image for the full list, and if you fancy sharing it please feel free to pin the image.

100 Plus Geocaching Terms - learn some of the more technical terms
100 Plus Geocaching Terms
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100 Plus Geocaching Terms

I hope you have found these useful, if you did please share them with anyone else you think might. And if you have any terms that you think we have missed, please leave a comment below I'd love to add more.

Happy caching.

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  1. HAK - Hide-A-Key (variation of MKH)
    P&G - Park and Grab (usually a D/T 1/1 in a parking lot)
    PO - Poison Oak (US West Coast plant)
    flat pack - small plastic baggie wrapped with camo tape
    Cache type misspelling: Wherigo (without the 2nd 'e')
    Geocaching handle: Papa EGTH

    1. That's ace thank you Scott, I shall add them to the list. Flat packs must be a nightmare to find!

  2. Love it! I am determined to try geocaching properly sometime and have read quite a lot about it-but there are so many terms I didn't know!


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