Britain's Freshwater fishes - review

Britain's Freshwater fishes - review
Britain's Freshwater fishes - review
Britain’s Freshwater Fishes by Mark Everard | 144 pages | Wildguides | Paperback | 2013 | ISBN: 978-0-691-15678-1|

I have an issue with myself that I go over in my head many times you see I am morally opposed to hunting but I fish!  (I know it just doesn't work does it). 

I also have a collecting or listing nature in that I always want to see as many different types of wildlife and wildlife species as possible. 

One area of my wildlife knowledge that lacks is freshwater fish, so when the opportunity to review Britain’s Freshwater Fishes came about I jumped at the chance. 

I never knew there were 53 species!

Britain’s Freshwater Fishes 

With the ID guide covering all 53 Fish (I always thought the plural of fish was fish, but is it fishes?) that can be found living in freshwater in Britain Britain’s Freshwater Fishes really makes a great tool for those interested in identifying fish. 

Every species page details everything you could want to know about that fish to be able to locate and identify them, including providing all common names and scientific names, as well as written guides to help identification, the ecology, conservation and information on how likely (or unlikely) you are to find one, and most importantly photos of the fish underwater so you can tell from the bank what you are seeing.

It won't help you catch them if that is your want, but that isn't what the book is for.

There is a whole heap more to Britain’s Freshwater Fishes than just identifying the fish, for example: the Salmon section offers up great advice on where you should go to witness them leaping up stream on their migrations. There are guides to the habitats of fish and a whole lot more. There is even a section at the back for fish that had once been thought of as being part of the living world (in Britain) but are now thought to have been a creation of someone’s over active imagination.


Stuffed full of wonderful and specialist photos this is an ideal book for those who enjoy identifying everything they see be they wildlife enthusiasts or fishermen, knowing what you are seeing can be half the fun of a walk and this book is great for that.

Published by Wild Guides/Princeton Press More detail is available from the below websites - or

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