Top 8 Wildlife Related Gifts for Kids

Top 8 Wildlife related gifts for kids
Top 8 Wildlife related gifts for kids
With Christmas just around the corner (other religious holidays are available!) I thought I’d offer up a gift guide (similar to my Top 5 Gift Ideas for a Wildlife Lover) aimed at the children in your life, I’m a big advocate of encouraging the love of wildlife in kids (as you’ll know as regular readers, see Encouraging People for more posts), and there are some great gifts out there that you can buy to really bring home that love, so welcome to my Top 5 Wildlife Related Gifts for Kids.

Top 8 Wildlife Related Gifts for Kids

  1. My living world make some fabulous introductory kits for young wildlife enthusiasts, there are a whole host of kits endorsed by TV naturalist, bug enthusiast and generally all round nice guy Nick Baker (he’s a patron on the charity I work for Birding For All and is always happy to help us out and sign a few things). From Butterflies to Worms, Microscopes to bug safaris you can find so much to really captivate your kid’s love of the natural world. Available on Amazon [Affiliate link]
  2. An RSPB Wildlife Explorers membership will open up a world of nature exploration for your kids (they don’t just focus on birds), depending on the age of your child it will depend on what they receive (there is a choice of free gifts), as well as regular magazines; under 8’s get the wonderful Wild Times magazine/comic (my daughter loves hers), 8-12 year olds get Bird Life magazine (Toby loves his) and teenagers get Wingbeat, each magazine is tailored to the age range with competitions, articles and tales of wonder in each one, obviously they get their own membership cards allowing them access to the amazing reserves around the UK (over 100), and much more.
  3. If you are looking to push the boat out a little (I’m not talking thousands here you can pick up reasonable bins for under £100 if you look) then a low cost pair of REAL binoculars (as in not the cheap plastic things that while a fun toy are no use in the field), 8x magnification will be often be light weight and smaller to suit a young child, the optics on cheap binoculars are not going to be world beaters but as a starting pair they will offer your child a way to really feel they are watching the wildlife with you. Opticron do some fabulous low cost binoculars as do Nikon (some research may be needed and I’d always advise trying before you buy). And don’t be afraid to go second hand (although do check them out in person) as you can find some real bargains as people trade up.
  4. Insect Lore live butterfly garden is a wonderful way to teach children all about the life cycle of butterflies I reviewed it earlier in the year – Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden Review - and my daughter and sons were all fascinated to watch the caterpillars grow and transform then watch as the butterflies fed before releasing them, it was quite magical for them, and once you have bought the kit you can always just by more caterpillars each year to grow again.
  5. Books are a wonderful resource for children, I remember vividly as a child reading my bird books each night and marveling over the wonderful species out there and dreaming of seeing them. My daughter has a photographic field guide which she loves and when we see birds she will often grab it to use to identify it, my youngest son has a Collins field guide which he keeps under his pillow and uses as I did, I think it is the ownership of the book that makes them feel it is something to be treasured and really makes them want to learn more, so I would always recommend buying your child a nature book of some kind, from the very basic to the more advanced (although the more pictures the better at least while they children are young).
  6. Two Summers ago I brought my daughter a pond dipping kit from NHBS and we have great fun using it, I think it makes a great gift for a child interested in nature, what better way to explore the world around us.
  7. I found recently that my kids love to have their own note books, we were out shopping and I needed a new one so was in a well-known stationers buying one when my youngest son asked if he could have one, obviously not wanting to be left out the little lady asked for one as well, and do you know what ever since they love taking notes on what wildlife they have seen. It’s a great habit to get into and offers a great chance at a cheap gift, so why not buy your kids a nature notebook of their own (or a plane one they can decorate!).
  8. Over the years I've only seen a few games that combine kids and wildlife Games, so when you see them it’s always worth a gamble (I had one as a kid where you had to collect endangered wildlife cards) currently on the market are two I’d recommend Bird Bingo and Bug Bingo these are great for teaching Identification skills and getting your kids used to nature being fun.

Well then, there you have it 8 amazing gift ideas that will have your young children enthralled into the wonderful world that is nature, just remember to keep a close eye on them in case they start to play with the more harmful elements of our wonderful wild world (there are things out there that can make the sick or worse, so always best to be watchful).

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