2015 Birdfair Review

Me and Mark Avery at the Birding For All Stand
(photo by Ann Davies)
Having been back from the 2015 Birdfair for nearly a week now, I've fully recovered enough to write a little about it. So here is my Birdfair review for the year.

Firstly I should let you know that my Birdfair experiences are as an exhibitor (with Birding For All - BFA) rather than as a punter/consumer. So my experiences at the event are more about the people passing through, how well we did as a team and working the stand in general, than getting to explore all the other great stands and events, especially this year as things got very busy, although we did get to look around a little, but read on for more.

June Jaunt

June Jaunt - Common Blue Damselfly
June Jaunt - Common Blue Damselfly
Finally managed to get out on the patch today, seems to have been forever, a few different illnesses through the family, sore shoulders and bad back are my excuses (that and the few times I have been out I have not had he energy after to write about it sorry). Anyway today's walk was always going to be about the bugs rather than the birds, as so often in summer months the birds are less my focus.

Return on the Swift

Return of the Swift
Return of the Swift
The sun definitely had her hat on this morning, beaming her beautiful rays down on me as I left the house, only she also had her scarf, gloves and a bloody great coat on, the wind that was with her, whipping away across the patch was filled with ice, ice that has come straight out of the Arctic circle.

At least that is how it felt.

Red Kites and Dunlin

Red Kites and Dunlins
After missing out on three great local birds on the patch over the last few weeks - 2 Little Tern, 3 Avocet and 1 Wood Sandpiper -  (damn you work!) and having today off I headed out to Manor Farm to see what goodies were out there waiting for me.

A Catch up on Manor Farm

A Catch up on Manor Farm
A Catch up on Manor Farm
It's been an age since I have managed to write an update here (to be honest it's been a while since I managed to sort through my photos and I like to post lots with each new post here), so today I will update you on all that has happened since my last post, there are new patch birds, lots of summer migrants and a few butterflies.

Manor Farm 20-03-2015

After nearly a month of not having he energy, will or inclination to head out onto the patch (Tendonitis in my shoulder and neck is causing me to not want to carry gear around), I finally decided that I would make the effort and venture out once more, spring is most definitely in the air, blossom is appearing on the trees and the migrants have already started to make an appearance at Manor Farm (well according to emails anyway).