Photo of The Week #18

Red Deer, stag
Red Deer, young stag

Photo of the week #18 was always going to be a Red Deer, it was just a matter of deciding which one I would choose, this is currently my favourite, I love the natural frame created by the trees and the colours just feel like autumn.

A Quick Walk around Manor Farm

Grey Heron in Silhouette - Manor Farm, Milton Keynes
Grey Heron in Silhouette - Manor Farm, Milton Keynes
After cycling over 14 miles yesterday and falling off my bike for the first time since I was a child I planned only a quick walk today, the aim was to see if a Stonechat reported to me on here was still around and hoping to pick up a few winter birds for the patch list, alas there was no sign of the chat and due to some work going on at the farm (digger at West end and two large rock trucks going from one end to the other on the south side) there wasn't much about at all.

Pocket guide to wild flowers - Review

Pocket guide to wild flowers cover image
Pocket guide to wild
flowers cover image

Pocket Guide to Wild Flowers by Bob Gibbons | Paperback | Waterproof PVC cover | Mar 2013 | 192 pages | 180 colour photos | ISBN: 9781780092614 | 

Wild flowers are something I often photograph, and enjoy the look of but have absolutely no idea what I am looking at most of the time, so this guide has become one I often chuck in the bag in the summer months. Before I get into the meat of the review of this book I would like to point out one thing, and that is; when it comes to pocket guides the important thing you really have to remember is that they are not always going to be the best guide to identification the world has seen, they are designed mainly for portability and I certainly like that element of these small books, this one is easy enough to slip into any pocket and light enough to barely be noticed, if you are looking for a book that will adorn your shelves and be used as purely a reference book never leaving the house, I'd advise looking away from pocket guides, that is not what they are for. Anyway on with my review of the Pocket Guide to Wild Flowers by Bob Gibbons.

Creating a Wildlife Garden Post 1

Bird Bath - we have 2 of these small cast iron bird baths in the garden
Bird Bath - we have 2 of these small cast iron bird baths in the garden
As regular readers will know in August of this year (2014) the family and I moved into our new home in Wolverton Mill, as well as a huge change to the location the patch is based in (sorry Lodge lake but Manor Farm far out does you) it also meant a change in garden, and in fact we moved into a new home with only quite a small yard (the front over looks the River Ouse Valley so I can live without masses of garden). The other change was moving from rented accommodation to owning our own home, and this means we can do as we like to the garden and so this post is the first to show how we plan on making our garden more wildlife friendly.

Rutting Red Deer Photography

Red Deer at Woburn
Red Deer at Woburn
I've always wanted to photograph Red Deer while they are Rutting and today I was lucky enough to make my first trip out to Woburn (in Bedfordshire) to experience first hand this amazing display. I was armed with my full camera gear (not knowing what I would need) and was kindly dropped off beside a footpath into the deer park before dawn had broken, and I headed off into what was one of the most amazing and if I'm honest frightening experiences of my life - Rutting Red Deer.

Photo of the Week #17

Little Egret in Flight - Wolverton Mill, Milton Keynes
Little Egret in Flight - Wolverton Mill, Milton Keynes

Photo of the week #17 is this Little Egret in flight, I wasn't overwhelmed with great photos this week (poor weather and a lack of motivation to get out I'm afraid) hopefully next weeks will go better. Don't forget this post is now a Linky/Meme so please link up below.