Sharks An Eponym Dictionary - Review

Sharks an Eponym Dictionary - review 
Sharks An Eponym Dictionary by Michael Watkins & Bo Beolens | hardback | 2015 |218 pages | ISBN: 978-1-907807-93-0 | Pelagic Publishing|

When I was offered the book, Sharks and Eponym Dictionary, for review, I was lucky to be one of the first, I was also lucky that I'd be able to get my copy signed (at least by one of the authors) when ever I felt like it (although I'm sure Mike will be happy to sign my copy if I ask) yeah being related to one of the authors does give you a huge advantage in this type of thing. 

But, that said, I hereby promise I will give my honest assessment and be impartial (as much as I can anyway, actually if anyone knows me I'm sure they will know I can be my dads harshest critic!).

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this book to review (I hope I'd have been given an authors copy otherwise though!), and am related to one of the authors Bo Beolens. But I am free to review honestly and in anyway I see fit.

Photo of the Week #30

European Robin

Photo of the Week #30 is a European robin from A Frosty Walk it was a toss up between this and the flying carrion crow from Last Walk of Jan 2015 but the robin is pin sharp where as the crow was a great shot but due to light and it being in flight was not quite 100% perfect up close. Both had beautifully soft backgrounds and a nice subject so it was close.

Last Walk of Jan 2015

Carrion Crow - Manor Farm, Milton Keynes
Carrion Crow - Manor Farm, Milton Keynes
I'm guessing today will be my last walk of January 2015, I may manage one on Friday but may not, it depends on weather and well if I feel like it (got to work nights over the weekend, boo), unfortunately it was only a quick one today as I had shopping to do first and the sun didn't last long (while I'm no fair weather birder, not much point being out taking photos if the light is poor).

Anyway I guess I've waffled enough for this mornings intro! Oh and anyone interested in my RSPB Big Garden Bird-watch success (or failure) over the weekend check out the link - Big Garden Birdwatch 2015 it's on my other blog as more family related, I think).

Frosty walk

Frost and mist at the Old Lock
Frost and mist at the Old Lock
Today was set to be sunny, sunny and bloody cold! 

The frost started around 03;00 this morning, I know because I was working, but I was not going to let coldness and tiredness stop me from heading out on the patch again today. 

I wanted to take some bird photos, and the light was likely to be good. So packing my long lens off I went.

A Shot in the Park

Some of the regular readers may recall I entered a photographic competition last summer call A Shot in the Park run in conjunction with Tring natural history museum, Tring park, the woodlands trust and Tring Brewery, I was informed I was shortlisted but couldn't make the exhibition and heard nothing so assumed that was it. The photo is below:

A Shot in the Park entry
A Shot in the Park entry

Shockingly Cold Surprises

Old Bridge - Manor Farm, Milton Keynes
Old Bridge - Manor Farm, Milton Keynes
Today started out like any other overcast,  dull, winters day, and as I headed out onto the patch, with only my macro lens on the camera (an action I later came to regret a long lens and high ISO would have seen me capture a few nice birds) I was not expecting much, the cold wintry feeling day didn't look like it would offer much, little did I know that I was about to have a day full of year ticks as well as, amazingly, two new patch birds (I never expected to get patch ticks in mid January, who would).