Tring Museum and Tring Park

Trip to Tring Museum and Tring Park
With the summer holidays now well under way we have managed to have our first outing, a trip to the Zoological Museum at Tring (Hertfordshire) also known as the natural history museum at Tring or Tring Museum, and while we were there we popped over to the wonderful and stunning chalk grassland that makes up Tring Park, an area I had not even heard of before our visit, but one will now attempt to revisit, it is a beautiful grassy area full of life (loads of butterflies and grasshoppers) on what I believe is chalk downs. Anyway here are our thoughts on the two places.

Moth Trapping Overnight

Moth trapping 24th July 2014
Moth trapping 24th July 2014
I have decided to merge my blogs a little (I just don't have the time to be keeping two blogs going on a regular basis) so from now on my Mothin' in the Garden posts will be appearing here on Views From an Urban Lake from now on (I'll tag them all "Mothing" and have added a link to the menu bar (Moths) which will show you all the related posts, so you won't have to search for them if that is all you want to read, although the rest of the blog is interesting I think) This may mean on some days more than one post though.

Garden Butterfly Count

Garden Butterfly Count 24th July 2014
It must be said that today was a scorcher of a day, the sun was beating down (after breaking through the clouds mid morning) and there was very little breeze, and excellent day to have to mow the lawns and do some tidying in the garden! Ok so of course it was a horrid day to do it, after 5 mins I was a soaking sweaty mess, but in order to break the time once the lawn was mown Bo and I set down to do our Big Butterfly Count (our first of the year sadly).

Photo of the Week #6

Sphaerophoria Sp. - Great Holm, Milton Keynes
Sphaerophoria sp. (most likely scripta due to wing length) - Great Holm, Milton Keynes

Creating a Nature Notebook

Making a Nature Notebook
After yesterday's scavenger hunt, we had all the items we needed in order to create a Nature Notebook for Bo to use throughout the summer holidays. It is a simple affair, and old note book with a newly designed and made front cover, the fun will come as much from filling it as it did from creating the masterpiece. The effort of two days and a lot of glue, but it was well worth it.