Meet Colin The Dog

Meet Colin the Dog - Labrador Retriever puppy sat in grassy field
Meet Colin the Dog

Those of you who follow me on Twitter, or Instagram (and possibly Facebook) will already know. Those who don’t, Well why not? Do it now!! Sorry you guys won’t know but the View From an Urban Lake family grew over Christmas when Colin the Dog joined the crew.

So please.

Meet Colin The Dog!

Why am I introducing him here? Well over the years he will be a very heavy feature, not least because he will be my erstwhile walking companion for most of it (when his little legs will carry him far enough).

Colin the Dog running
Colin the Dog running

He’s a pedigree (yellow) Lab. Has his own Twitter and Instagram feeds already (kids!) and will soon have his own adventures blog (I’ll share a link when it has been set up). That blog will be as much about teaching my daughter the joys of writing as it is anything else.

He’s already slowed down my walking and nature walks, for the moment, as can’t be left too long yet.

Enough for Now

So hopefully although you will be hearing more about Colin the dog over the years, you won’t have to suffer doggy type posts very often. This will remain an outdoors and wildlife blog. But just wanted to introduce you to the little chap formally.

Well I’m sure there will be more photos and interesting things from Colin soon. And I hope to get out for an hour or so tomorrow, so look out for some more posts soon.

For now, another couple of dog photos.

Colin running - Labrador puppy running
Colin running
Colin the Dog
Colin the Dog

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Meet Colin the Dog - The newest member of the Views From an Urban Lake family
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