First day out of the New Year

Manor Farm from the West - First day out of the New Year
First day out of the New Year

I can’t believe it is Jan the 12th and today was the first time I have made it out onto the patch! A raging chest infection has seen me unable to do more than walk a few metres without either coughing my guts up or being so out of breath it is unreal (walking upstairs has tired me out!), anyway it is easing and so I thought despite the wind and rain and generally dull weather I’d head out onto the patch anyway.

First day out of the New Year

I headed straight for the muddy scrape/lake area as I knew this would likely be the area I would see the most species and although I was right there were not tremendous amounts of birds although the star was a 1st Winter Med Gull, briefly flying over and heading to the camp-site lake (it wasn’t there later). Other than that the usual species Teal, Wigeon, Mallard, Mute Swan etc. were pretty much it.

Walking around I slowly totted up the species, 70 Lapwing, the odd Herring Gull, single Reed Bunting and Kingfisher etc. but it was more noticeable what was not about, by now I had not seen a Robin or Chaffinch, there was very little in flight and I think the wind was keeping most things hidden away.

Lichen - Manor Farm, Milton Keynes
Lichen – Manor Farm, Milton Keynes

Egret and Buzzard

As I continued along, now on the North side of Manor Farm, and along side the river, the species number grew. A stunning cock Phesant; finally a Chaffinch; a few Goldfinch; Gadwall in good numbers on the camp-site lake, along with 2 Great Crested Grebes; then I disturbed only my second Little Egret of the day from the river. And, as it flew off up stream, it passed under a very low flying Buzzard that was causing a stir amongst the smaller birds.

Heading on Home

Just before passing under the viaduct, I picked up 2 small Goldcrest, in amongst the bushes. And then headed on home. Only finally finding Robins beside the old Lock.

Windy Weeds - Manor Farm, Milton Keynes
Windy Weeds – Manor Farm, Milton Keynes

Iv’e decided I might try something new here and from now on (when I remember) include the time I was out (in hours and minutes); the distance traveled (assuming I put the app on); and a full list of species seen.

Date: 12/01/2015
Time: 2 hours 13 mins
Distance: 4.04 miles

Full Species List

Greylag GooseX
Canada GooseX
Mute SwanX
Eurasian WigeonX
Eurasian TealX
Tufted DuckX
Common Pheasant1
Great Crested Grebe2
Great Cormorant25
Grey Heron3
Little Egret1
Common Buzzard1
Common MoorhenX
Northern Lapwing70
Black-headed GullX
Mediterranean Gull1
Common GullX
Herring GullX
Lesser Black-backed Gull2
Feral PigeonX
Common Wood-PigeonX
Common Kingfisher1
Common MagpieX
Eurasian JackdawX
Carrion CrowX
Great TitX
Blue TitX
Long-tailed TitX
Eurasian WrenX
Song Thrush1
Mistle Thrush1
Pied Wagtail1
Reed Bunting2

Oh and hopefully next walk the light will be better and I’ll have some nicer photos. Sorry about this walks quality.

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  • Mark Appleton

    I would love to see a link to the route you have taken with these blogs as I am local and cant wait to see some of the things you have seen. Fabulous photos. In awe 🙂

  • AshleyBeolens

    The Route completely varies but it basically follows the River Ouse between the Haversham Road and Stony Stratford Nature reserve, sometimes going around the south side of the manor farm complex (until they finish the reserve and open the paths through it at least) and sometimes wandering up the old canal route from the Stony Stratford side of the cattle creep under the aqueduct, or across the cattle fields (all depends on my mood).

    There is a map of the area under the about section

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