A Frustrating Walk

Little Egret on the River Ouse - A Frustrating Walk
A Frustrating Walk

When I left the house I knew it would be wet and windy. And I knew that the chances of getting any decent bird photos were slim. Getting any photos seemed quite slim if I’m honest. But sometimes when you see a bird and it poses brilliantly then the weather gets in the way it delivers all manner of frustrations. Today was just one of those days I guess hense the title A Frustrating Walk. What I’m saying is don’t expect a post filled with quality, or even half decent, photos.

A Frustrating Walk

I decided as it was raining (and had been since the early hours this morning – thank god for waterproofs) I’d head straight to the pits to see if anything had been forced down by the weather. Unfortunately it would appear that work is now under way constructing paths, or spaces for hides (not sure), as there was a large yellow digger in the middle of the trees on the far side, thus there was little on the lakes. Although the usual Teal; Wigeon; and Shoveler were all there in good numbers; and Lapwing numbers were also good.

What I should point out here is that not only was the rain coming down but the wind is very strong, large birds were struggling in flight and one or two Teal had a real issue trying to come in to land.

Quicksand Field

I decided to skirt the edge of the cattle fields and passed by the farm side of the quicksand fields (I often pass this field on the river side and think it looks great), deciding it looks equally good from the South I stopped at a gate (the only viewing point on this side) and was instantly rewarded by a female Stonechat (a patch first for me) hopping up onto some thistles not too far away, I carefully removed my rucksack and opened it to get my camera out, keeping an eye on the bird while I did, but standing up it must have moved as I could not see it again, 30 minutes stood there and it never showed again, the wind was keeping much down though. The only other birds in the field were 4 Pheasants (two cocks and two hens).

Remaining Walk

The rest of my walk took me via the old locks and on along the river all the way up to Stoiny Stratford Nature Reserve but apart from a nice Little Egret (the only bird that allowed me even half a photo today) and a Common Gull stood in the fields there was little else of note, so I headed home, tired and wet but happy to have gained yet another patch tick.

Little Egret in Flight - Wolverton Mill, Milton Keynes
Little Egret in Flight – Wolverton Mill, Milton Keynes

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