A Good Place for a Forage

My daughter (not very poorly if you ask me) - A Good Place for a  Forage
A Good Place for a Forage

Well my daughter had a sickly weekend (nothing serious just a stomach bug) but it meant that she had to have 24 clear hours before being allowed back to school. She was last sick yesterday just after 9, this meant no school today, even though she is fine. So we went for a walk today instead.

A Good Place for a Forage

On today’s walk, while obviously still focusing on the wildlife, I was struck by how many fruit bearing plants there were and what sort of possibility these could give to a forager (something I love the idea of but lack the knowledge for). I noted for sure, Blackberry; Crab apple (maybe of a few varieties, there seemed to be a few different fruits?); another larger apple; Sloe; Rose hip; and Elderflower; as well as a couple of mushrooms (no idea if these would be edible). And I have previously found wild mint and garlic, a real feast could be had!

I have always collected blackberries and apples but I think it might be time to start learning more (after all a free meal is a free meal!), I have used a website before called falling fruit but have only been able to add sightings as there are none in my area, so anyone who knows of a better UK based site please let me know. Anyway a few fruit based photos:

Not sure what these are maybe red current?
Not sure what these are maybe red current?


Rose Hip
Rose Hip


Sloe (must make sloe gin one of these days, my other half is not tee total like me).


Toadstool or mushroom
One of the many toadstools or mushrooms (no idea if you could eat this or not I think I may look out for a good book or course on mushroom foraging, any recommendations?).


It wasn’t all about the plant life today though. Autumn migration is well under way and exciting things are turning up all over. On the patch? Well nothing exciting to many but real evidence of the change in season, with a large flock of Skylark over (15+); Mistle Thrush becoming evident; and finches starting to flock up as well. I found a small charm of Goldfinch (25+) creating a wonderful sound just near the car park. I was also really excited to see a stunning female Grey Wagtail in the stream near the weir (if she hangs around I will try for some photos of this enigmatic grey and yellow wagtail).

Mallards in panoramic
Mallards (I had an idea for a panoramic style image of a pair of mallards and nearly managed what I wanted, the light was poor and I forgot to up my ISO so the result is a little disappointing in sharpness terms but you can see the idea I hope, I’ll revisit it again)

In terms of other wildlife one lone Migrant Hawker was still on the wing over the lake; and two butterflies one a probable Comma, the other (and I may be kidding myself here) looked all the world like a Clouded Yellow. Although I only saw briefly in flight, but I cannot think of anything else that is of a similar size and yellow/orange like that.

All in all quite an enjoyable stroll with my daughter unexpectedly with me.

Autumn over the small lake
Autumn over the small lake

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