• Nature

    Patch Tick

    A gusting, blustery, wind whipped hard through the Ouse Valley. The icy cold it carried with it, gathered pace across the lakes of the floodplain forest nature reserve. Occasional spots of rain, driven…

  • bobbing Jack Snipe - A quest to see and photograph a Jack Snipe at Stony Stratford Nature Reserve in Milton Keynes (image is a great tit)

    Bobbing Jack Snipe

    I had my first Jack Snipe on the patch last week, my friend and I wandered the flooded fields beside the new workings (shhh… don’t tell anyone, it’s a fenced off area), flushing…

  • Chasing Sunset - an evening walk around the floodplain forest NR and Ouse Valley with lots of sunset photos
    #GetOutside,  Nature

    Chasing Sunset

    Seeing the sky on fire, as our life providing sun, slowly sinks into the horizon, lifts the spirits. The plethora of colour spreading out across the clouds. Reds, oranges, purples, blues, hues throughout…

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